Fast Moving Multicolored Blinking Lights Move in Circular Motion.

Location of Sighting: Esparto, California
Date of Sighting: September 20, 2019
Time of Sighting: 8:40 PM PDT

Description: I saw multiple quickly moving red, blue, green, and white blinking lights moving in PERFECT CIRCULAR MOTION low in sky in front of hills. This was unlike anything I have ever seen before. My boyfriend and I were driving on a county road, and we saw these appear in the hills. At first I saw only three lights and thought they were cop cars in the distance, but as we drove closer I realized it definitely wasn’t any car or aircraft, as it’s movement was too fast to be a car, but too low to the ground and the motion was perfect and the lights were too close together to be aircraft. And THEN my boyfriend pointed out the second group. There was probably about seven to eight lights, same blinking red white blue and green, all moving the SAME speed in a PERFECT, and I mean perfect circular motion. I got freaked out and made my boyfriend turn around and head to the freeway. But we could still see the lights so so bright from the freeway! AND THEN we both witnessed one of the lights from the smaller circle of three move and join the bigger circle. It was astonishing. I have never been very “suspicious” or whatever about aliens or UFOs, but this was insane. Did anyone see anything similar or have any information about a logical explanation to this?

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