Fasting Moving Square Shaped Object Four Times Size Jet.

Location of Sighting: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Date of Sighting: November 5, 2016
Time of Sighting: 3:45 PM CDT

Description: I saw a square shaped object four times the size of a large jet and moving much faster. I was late in activating video and it moved too distant to get a good video.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    For whatever it might be worth, I have noted that there has been a significant increase in sighting reports of flights of objects of a rectangular shape. I have a friend that told me that he saw a solid metallic rectangular object ‘flying’ toward him in daylight hours, and said it was at least as large as a boxcar. He even managed to look at it with some binoculars, but in less than several seconds it seemed to just disappear, and this person has no interest in the UFO field.

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