February 1, 2014 – Crowley, Texas – 5 PM CST

Description: It was about five PM outside the front gates of my barn at Crowley, Texas. As I rounded the curve of the road to the entrance to my barn I noticed a white disc in the sky almost like a flat plate hanging there. I thought it was the moon or the sun covered over by haze or something. I got out with my camera and stared at it. As I stared it transformed from looking like the moon to a solid white large disc with a thin edge of clack around it. The longer I looked the whiter and larger it became. The sun was covered by clouds. This was in front of the clouds, but each time I tried to take a picture clouds would cover it slightly then it would emerge again. It was quite startling to look at. The one photo I took is very faint and you can’t see much. I will send it as soon as I can. It was as large as the sun. I was trying to get others in the barn to go take a look at it, but no one seemed interested. I got the feeling it was waiting for me as I rounded the turn in my car. I know that sounds weird. It was about at the four o’clock position in the sky to the southwest. Do you know where the sun was at that time by chance?

Second Report by Witness: William: I forgot to tell you (because I just now remembered) that about thirty minutes after I saw the white disc things over my pasture two fighter jets came from the south flying very low. They flew overhead as low as I have ever seen and right next to one another. Carswell Air Force Base is in Fort Worth pretty close, but I have never seen them fly overhead low like that.

Note: A check of weather showed that skies were partly cloudy with cloud bases at 1,600 feet. The Sun would have been positioned in the WSW (242 degrees). Sunset was at 6:02 PM CST. It is possible that the witness may seen the Sun obscured by clouds.

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3 Responses to February 1, 2014 – Crowley, Texas – 5 PM CST

  1. Barbara G. says:

    Administrator, if this was a cloud why would the jets fly that low over someone’s pasture? If this cloud like object came up on the base radar, I am sure they would have sent some fighters out to take a look.

  2. robin brown says:

    I looked at the sun yesterday in the sky obscured by clouds. I couldn’t look at it for very long as it hurt my eyes even though the clouds were in front. This is not the same as what I saw Feb 1. There was also a radiating glow of the sun behind the clouds. The more I think of what I saw it was too opaque and flat to have been the sun covered by clouds. It was like a big white flat dinner plate in the sky. There was the glow of the sun down toward the horizon under the clouds.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for the clarification. You have made a reasonable argument that the object wasn’t the Sun obscured by clouds. However, keep in mind that the clouds may have been thicker on the day that you saw the object. This could have made the Sun look different on the day of your sighting versus another day.

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