February 10, 2014 – Sacramento, California – 7:40 PM PST

Photo Taken of Erratic Moving Objects in Night Sky.

Photo Taken of Erratic Moving Objects in Night Sky.

Description: I was parking my cars in the lot when I thought I had seen a orange meteor. It then separated into three red lights dancing around each other. It’s hard to explain, but the lights moved quickly through the skies. The lights zigzagged in the skies and then disappeared. I managed to record a few seconds of it on my phone before it disappeared. I also came across an anonymous individual who also saw it and captured an amazing light show.

I am not far away from the army base so it could have been something they have been working on. Perhaps it could have been a new stealth air craft? But to move that quickly you will have to break the sound barrier which causes a sonic boom loud enough to hear. I don’t know. It’s complicated because I have been seeing these lights since I have moved to Sacramento ca. And yesterday was the first time I caught it on camera

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