February 11, 2014 – Stow, Massachusetts – Between 10 & 11 PM EST



Description: We had some strange thing happen. We were watching a movie two nights ago and my husband suddenly said what’s that? He was pointing to something through our front living room window. He seemed very perplexed and very insistent. I jumped up and looked at something that had lights in the sky and it was heading right in our direction! It was fairly slow moving so I ran down the stairs and went outside and it flew over us and was about 200 to 300 feet above me and we both guessed it to be about 30 feet long. It had many large lights like maybe 4 colors. I think that the colors were white, blue, green and red under. I recall colors in the front, but my husband recalls only intense bright lights coming at us. There might have been predominate white bright lights with smaller colored lights in-between as I am sure there was some color. I saw this longer and closer than he. None were blinking and they were pretty bright. The lights were much brighter than any planes that cross our path. They were as I could see in the front and back and on the bottom center as well. I can’t be sure if there were lights on the sides for sure. I could clearly see an outline and that is was solid and had no wings. It was more of a square with a triangular front and back ends only more rounded edges. I just drew my best guess at what I saw and uploaded it.

As it went over me I felt all this STRONG energy! I was buzzing and I STILL am two days later! I was and am still in a state of mild shock I think. I have no idea what that was! There were no plane or helicopter sounds. We heard maybe a slight hum kind of sound. It was not very loud at all. This was big and solid and certainly not some blow up radio controlled thing that I am sure of. I just don’t know what it was. Neither of us do. My husband is a UFO doubter. He is VERY left brained, logical and was very puzzled. I felt like I was having some energy maybe directed towards me as I can’t stop shaking. It is like current going through me! This is unreal!

We do live in the path of Stow airport so we are used to seeing all kinds of planes and even helicopters. This was nothing like we have ever seen before. This was heading from south to north slightly west just to the right of my house almost directly above.

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