February 13, 2012 – Oroville, California – 6 PM PST

Still Image of Objects Extracted From YouTube Video.

Still Image of Objects Extracted From YouTube Video.

[map z=”5″ address=”Oroville, California” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: Here is the link to the actual video:

It is really good footage I think. It was quite scary to be honest, but I have debunked all other possible things those craft could have been and they are definitely UFOs flying around, disappearing, being bright, then tiny and red, landing, forming lines and blinking occasionally.

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4 Responses to February 13, 2012 – Oroville, California – 6 PM PST

  1. Alison Kruse says:

    Glad to see yet ANOTHER person with good observation skills plus the initiative to report and document these sneaky visitors to our planet. They are flying regularly worldwide now, and being documented and posted to Youtube for the world to see and learn of their behavior. Some have nicknamed them “fake plane UFOs” since with their advanced technology and ability to morph shape, size and colors, copying our simple aircraft lighting styles is a piece of cake. Seen to drop down from skies first like a meteor usually into wooded areas or just above treeline, they then emerge or transform from spheres usually transparent or cloaked, that then ‘power up’ somehow. Triangle and other shaped crafts seen coming from these. Seeing is believing, and more people ARE seeing them in person & posting online videos to try & warn the public that THEY ARE HERE. They do not show on primary radar reports so far — perhaps because they stay low, move slow, & are most often smaller sizes to give illusion of distance, but can/do expand/contract size REAL TIME–returning to orb/sphere to leave. They are “Masters of Illusion” mimicking stars, satellites, tower beacon and streetlights, car headlights, jets, helicopters, even boats & have habits enough to be studied in areas with repeat sightings–like activity lasting 2-3 hours after showing up, most often anytime after dusk and before dawn. Night vision equipment of generation 3 or better recommended & will show they don’t just ‘disappear’. They reflect IR light and camera flashes when close enough & not seen by human eyes & look like thin clear bubbles, blinking or solid–sometimes with plasma or electric-type Tesla ball appearance, soccer to basketball sized on average (perhaps these smaller orbs are personal-sized travel containers since usually seen only when the larger crafts are in the area). No one I know seeing them knows where or who they are yet, nor their agenda. I don’t expect those who haven’t seen them to believe me… but from 2+ years of seeing them & comparing notes with hundreds of others worldwide, I highly recommend you keep the information as a reference for if/when you DO. It will save lots of head scratching, I promise.

  2. steve duvall says:

    What is this a joke ? Keep the camera still, what is the use of filming something when peaple can’t even see the subject without getting nausea.

    • Daniel Ivan says:

      Hey Steve:

      Have you ever caught a UFO on video?
      I am pretty sure. NO !

      So just shut up and enjoy this great footage.

      • Administrator says:


        It is hard to take “steady” videos if you are not using a tripod. I thought that your footage was quite compelling. Good job!

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