February 13, 2012 – Yakima, Washington – 5 PM PST

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Description: The witness called and reported her experience on Feb. 27, 2012. She said that around 5 PM she felt her house shaking. She heard strange sounds coming from the atmosphere. She went outside and did not see anything. Skies were cloudy at the time of the incident. It was not raining or snowing and some snow was on the ground. The first vibration lasted about 7 to 8 seconds. The vibrations started and went off and on in 3 second intervals. She was home alone at the time. The local media did not say anything about the vibrations. She said that the vibration and noises was not an earthquake. She moved to Yakima from California about 3 years ago and was quite familiar with earthquakes. The witness lives about 10 to 12 miles north of the Yakima firing range where the military regularly conducts exercises. However, she had never had this experience before. Her husband was woken up earlier in the day (during the night) to strange vibrations and noises.

Investigation Summary by Mike Boss:

I am an investigator with UFO’s Northwest and have been asked to follow-up on your report of a recent unexplained event in Yakima. According to your report you experienced some unknown sounds and ground turbulance or shaking on February 13 at around 5:00 PM.

In reviewing your report and correlating it with several on-line resources, I find that there were a number (5) of micro-quakes (very small, low intensity earthquakes) in the northwest that day. As you may know there is a fault-line that runs between Ellensburg and Yakima South of Vantage in a Northwesterly/Southeasterly direction across the river and transmits some of the quake activity in the upper Northwest.

Unfortunately, we do not have any other correlating reports of that type of activity in the Yakima area at that time and day that may provide us with additional information to more fully investigate the event. Please rest assured that we do not discount or minimize your report in any way without the additional information.

It is my hypothesis the vibrations and perhaps the audible sound are the result of those micro-quakes.

Thank you sincerely for making your observational report to UFO’s Northwest, should we receive additional information regarding the event we will immediately contact you with any available updated information.

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