February 13, 2013 – Neuenstein, Germany – 10:09 to 10:11 PM Local Time

Description: I saw a triangle formed object about 1,000 feet high traveling from the west to the east, faster than a aircraft, completely silent, with a long tail of sparks following it and a long cable or something off the left back side with a occasional red light at the end of the cable. At first I thought it was a star falling, but it did not burn out and continued out over the city toward the Swabish Hall Area. They have a airport there with radar that may have seen it. My sighting started at 10:09 and lasted until 10:11 PM. Skies were clear, the temperature was minus 4 degrees Celsius. The stars were bright all around the sky.

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3 Responses to February 13, 2013 – Neuenstein, Germany – 10:09 to 10:11 PM Local Time

  1. Joel Small says:

    Thank you for your quick reponse Mr. Puckett. If you have any way to contact this person, maybe encourage this person to attempt to find such an investigative group in Germany, as I’m sure that this country has these communities. Thanks again.

  2. Joel Small says:

    This is a unique sighting. Mr. Puckett, is this witness German or American, and although I know how busy you are, is it at all possible to contact a German UFO investigative group if you can to see if this sighting was also known to them or is being investigated, to include any civilian and/or military aircraft personnel and radar in that area? I have heard of some aerial objects seemingly with some types of cables attached to them, but usually ovoid or disc-shaped objects. Thank you sir. Joel Small.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. I am not aware of any German UFO groups. The witness wrote in clear English, but I don’t if he was American.

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