February 14, 2012 – Marco Island, Florida – 11 PM EST

Still Image of Strange Lights Extracted From 1 of Several Video Clips.

Still Image of Strange Lights Extracted From 1 of Several Video Clips.

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Description: The witness called right after he experienced his sighting. He was very excited and it was difficult to obtain a good description of what he saw. He said that a black triangular object flew low over his home. Light colored sparks fell from the object. He said that he took photos and promised to send them. As of yet no photos have been received.

Written Report Sent by Witness. (Report Has Considerably Shortened:)

My Official Account of an UFO

Marco Island, Fl 34145
Written 2/16/2012-12:30 AM
Date of Event: 12/14/2012- 12/15/2012
Time: Began around 7 pm and last positive sighting 3:30 AM
Everything below the line is as exactly reported to MUFON

As oddly as it sounds, I had the strongest urge to go outside. This was around 7 PM. I went out and did regular scan of the sky. I immediately noticed several extremely crisp electric big lights. I immediately knew. I went in and very quickly told my kids to come out and look at it with me. We grabbed two cameras, one an iphone and second a Samsumg. Both could only pick up these objects as round balls that twisted, turned and zigzagged in very quick motions in all directions. So I kept filming and describing each thing I was looking at. It was a little difficult to keep up because my girls were in amazement at what they were watching. It was an absolute amazing experience to say the least. At one point I didn’t even know what to say anymore. The things I saw didn’t even make sense. For example, there was something that was extremely dense, is the best word. It was directly under Orion, but then at times it appeared to be, Orion’s constellation itself. I know it seems weird. At some points you could clearly see that there was a very solid object. This realization that there was more than met the eye was clearly defined when two sets of what could easily have been seen as regular stars (not at the time. Like each one didn’t do this in sync to each other) that were clearly perfect triangles that actually began to change triangle styles (such as obtuse, oblong, and an equilateral). Those two moved at periodic times. They never stayed at 10 o’clock or 1 o’clock while I was facing west (that’s the 1st position I saw them in). My main reason for focusing only westward was because the two very extremely lit objects that most people that I talk to say is Venus, but as sorry as I am to say the mistaken object called Venus and the electric brown one, were involved in the same space with each other.

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  1. The one who wrote this says:

    I am the one who wrote that report and took the video. If you would like to know more about the 7 and a half hours that the whole event lasted, let me know. My YouTube chan is in2thevast1975

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