February 14, 2012 – San Clemente, California – 6:05 PM PST

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Description: I saw a UFO at dusk in San Clemente – Dana Point, CA. I Just witnessed a glowing light moving in erratic directions: It went straight up very fast, then multiple angled turns, then diving towards the ground at excessive speed while changing color from glowing white to blue to orange. There were no blinking lights and the sky was clear. The object hovered for a few seconds and then went back up and down and continued its erratic behavior for about what felt like a minute. It seemed to change it’s size and brightness as it dove. There were three other witnesses that I was near at the time. We all stood and watched together all discussing the fact that what we were seeing was so odd and that we were all mesmerized by it and could not stop watching it until it just disappeared into thin air. None of us can come up with any explanation of the speed and angles it achieved other than a UFO. We do not have any photos or videos, but we all shared the same experience and feeling.

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5 Responses to February 14, 2012 – San Clemente, California – 6:05 PM PST

  1. BL says:

    I am in shock that I should find your sighting listed here from San Clemente. I too had a sighting of at least a couple dozen UFOs flying in dazzling speeds all around the sky above our home in San Clemente on Sep 21, 2005. I saw them first while up on my balcony. I screamed for my husband to hurry up to the balcony to see them. He and I were in shock at how many there were. They were red in color and then some turning white and going into a circular formation and standing still white. All of the others stayed red and flew around in crazy fast motion, BUT never bumping into each other. Suddenly I saw a neighbor walking his 2 dogs below us. I yelled down to him to look up at the UFOs in the sky zipping around us. At first he laughed at me, but when he looked up he too saw all the red lights zipping around and he couldn’t believe it either! All he could say was “there sure is a lot of traffic up there!” My husband said: “THEY are so close you could hear them.” So I stopped yelling out (OH MY GOD- OH MY GOD) and listened. They were making such a quiet sound. My husband described it as a low hum, but I described it as a low vibration. I am so blown away that you should have your sighting in San Clemente too.

  2. sno2sand says:

    I saw the same thing about 20 years ago. I was 13 sitting in our jacuzzi in our backyard up on the hill in the Coast community looking out towards Catalina. I knew exactly what it was even though the government claimed that it was missiles being tested from San Clemente Island. But anyone who saw it knew that was impossible for missiles to move in that way. I will never forget that experience. It was a phenomenal sight to see.

  3. tree says:

    Saw the same bright orange orb zooming silently past San Clemente pier at about 10:45 PM. From there it headed out to sea, in a sort of northwest direction. It was very cool to see.

  4. Nee or Vee says:

    This is incredible. A bright hot orange orb ascended in southern LA sky. It passed a star and burned out like the old television lights in the center of the screen when you turned it off. I ran in to get a telescope. When I went back out, the other witness said: “There it is in the clouds.” It looked like a plastic bag floating in clouds with the same color of the clouds, but then as it entered into thicker clouds, it was much denser (like seeing a penny through a cloud). Then again when it came into a clear patch, it looked like the plastic bag (white translucence). It moved due Northwest with great ease and purpose.

  5. Rocky Neidhardt says:

    I saw the same thing. My friend was saying: “What is that” But, then I clearly saw it. It looked like a star at first. It was whitish-blue. Then it started doing dives and hitting angles no plane or jet could do. As it dived, it would bcome bright blue and when it made gravity bending turns it would change to solid orange and then back to bluish-white in differing levels of intensity depending on the moves it was making. We were all mesmerized. The total incident lasted 1 to 3 minutes. I was standing on Calle Valle in San Clemente looking north towards Dana Point. It was 6:10 PM. It was AMAZING!! We were 100% sober.

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