February 15, 2015 – Culver City, California – 5 AM PST

Description: I saw some objects in the night sky. I thought that it was fire works at first. The objects were traveling from east to west in a downward direction. They were very bright green and turned blue as they faded. There were some smaller artifacts, and one white off shoot at the end. My guess was that it was space junk or a comet. I heard no noise.

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2 Responses to February 15, 2015 – Culver City, California – 5 AM PST

  1. Frank says:

    I can’t believe that I haven’t seen a post of the four orbs shown during the Patriots versus Green Bay football game in the 4th quarter prior to a commercial.
    Anyone who has the game “taped” will see it. The orbs were removed from the same footage when replayed after commercial.

    • Administrator says:

      First that I have heard of this sighting. What was the date of the football game? Perhaps there is YouTube footage available?

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