February 17, 2014 (& For Previous 2 Weeks) – Newark, Vermont – Between 8:30 & 10 PM EST

Description: Up here in Newark, VT in the last 2 weeks I have seen a bright orange orb floating across the sky way faster than a plane and with no other lights i.e. blinking or anything. I have seen this same thing a couple times in the past, but tonight it was different. Normally I can see and follow the flight path until it disappears into the horizon or tree line, but tonight was different. I watched the light approach staying at the same height altitude as normal, but this time it disappeared into thin air. It left no trace nor trail of light. It was as if somebody flipped a light switch and it was gone. I am really curious as to what this is. I am not ruling anything abnormal out, but also suspect that it could be some sort of government plane. Please get back to me with input and any experiences. Thank you.

Additional Responses From Witness: I am in the middle of nowhere 16 miles south of the Canadian border. I highly doubt if the objects are Chinese lanterns especially at 20 below zero, but hey stranger things have happened. Hahaha. Thank you.

Note: I agree with the witness response above that people probably are not outside launching lanterns given the climate and remoteness of the location.

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