February 18, 2013 – La Crescenta, California – 2:40 PM PST

Description: My wife and I saw an object with 3 lights on it fly directly in front of the moon today 02/18/13 at around 2:40 PM (Pacific Time). Visually it resembled a very bright passing satellite, but it was broad daylight. These bright white lights didn’t flash and with binoculars we occasionally could only see 1 or 2 lights. When all three were visible the lights formed a tiny equilateral triangle. It was like the lights were pointing in a particular direction and were sometimes aimed in our direction. It silently moved about the same speed as a plane, but who knows how far it was. It moved in a NNW direction and didn’t change direction. Planes and jets have lights that flash and generally don’t go on in the daytime.

Note: The moon rose at 11:37 AM PST and set at 1:11 AM PST. The moon was 59% illuminated.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    This is a good report in several ways: The phenomenon was observed by two people, seen during daylight hours, the object passed in front of the moon and was still visible, and they described an object that closely resembles or is identical to other reports of objects that have been seen and in fact vidiotaped during daylight hours. This isn’t to say that they saw an alien craft, but they saw something that has been seen and\or reported several times and so the question presents itself about, not so much their existence, but who is reponsible for them and perhaps more important: What are they doing?

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