February 19, 2015 – Cabot, Arkansas – 7:40 PM CST

Description: We saw a mammoth space craft with large white bright close together grill lights headed up and toward. My mother and I saw the craft then as we freaked it took a left and was gone. A flurry of activity occurred including the usual C130’s and other earth craft up in the sky above and in the sky below. Also a white starship took it’s place early in the NW corner of a back field that night because usually it descends tree level and below in the SW corner of back field. The space craft was so huge that instead of other air activity being diversionary it appears to me that our aircraft just did their thing not as a way to stop the mother-ship because they could not as it was massive so they just kind of let it do it’s thing. We have never seen like this here before. It was amazing. I had been waiting for years and believing I was ready, but when the magnitude mother-ship came to us I was yelling COME HERE , WHAT IS THAT , WHAT IS THAT? Thanks.

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