February 20, 2015 – Huntington Beach, California – 8:45 PM PST

Description: We saw orange Orbs that were glowing and moving slowly. Then they ascended and disappeared.

On 2-14-15 around the same time ( 8:55 PM ) there was one Orange orb glowing very bright. (It was brighter then the 2 orange orbs we saw on Feb 20, 2015 at 8:45 PM.) It dropped an orange lava looking substance from the bottom of the orange orb 4 to 5X then like a amber that cools into an ash and disappeared.

Last night (Feb 20) there were 2 more orange orbs a little less bright, and they did not de-materialize like the one on 2-14-15. They were out for approximately 7 to 10 minutes before ascending and disappearing.

The strange thing about these is: I took 4:42 of video of these 2 orbs with my phone cam, and when I was done filming my phone somehow shut off by itself, and when I started it back up again to look at the video, the video was deleted from my phone, and my phone said memory full. (I clearly had room in my phone for more videos and photos, etc.)

There was another witness of the 2-*14-15 Orange Orb sighting, and she said that her phone video of the incident was removed just like what happened to mine.

2-14-15 there were 3 witnesses and 1 phone video deleted by ?
2-20-15 there were 7 witnesses and 1 phone video deleted by ?

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