February 21, 2014 – Lamont, Washington – 5:33 PM PST



Description: Hi, these objects are something I have been seeing and watching in the night sky for some years. They appear just around dark, or just seem to be there. With the naked eye they appear to twinkle a blue, green, red and white light. Twinkle like lights on a Christmas tree. They sometimes are bright, but other times not and do not move, just as the other stars and appear near the same size. However, one morning in June of 2006 I saw one come close to the ground and move with out noise slow over a wheat field in eastern WA. Photo number 823 was taken just at dusk on 2/21/2014. (This is the photo displayed above.) The photo was taken about 5:33 PM. It was in the southeast sky. It was taken with a digital camera from Revere Road in Lamont, WA. Sometimes I will see as many as 3 in the night skies, but most times they are, or appear to be as placed one in the east, one in the west and one in the north sky. I think anyone can see these if they just look for them.

Note: I believe that many of the lights viewed by the witness are bright planets or stars. I don’t know if that explains the above photo. The photo could be of a single light. The apparent streaking could be due to camera movement.

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