February 22, 2002 – Camas, Washington – 1:30 AM PST


Description: I was driving Westbound on Highway 14, about a mile West of Camas. The temperature was about 20 degrees with a strong East wind. The only other car on the highway in front of me slowed and pulled over to the right shoulder. I thought he was having troubles so I pulled over also. Then I saw why he pulled over. There was a large black object over the Columbia river moving East into the wind. The object had two large yellowish lights that were shining down illuminating the lumber yard on the bank of the river. I estimated the object’s speed as about 35 MPH. The object was descending slowly and leveled off at about 500 feet. It continued Eastward until it was directly at 90 degrees to the highway. Then the lights went off, and the object started climbing up into the overcast. The object slowly faded from sight as it entered the clouds. The other motorist got into his car and drove away. I am a private pilot and I have seen a lot of fuzzy, unfocused UFO photos. This object was really clear with distinct features. The lights were striking in respect to their clarity. They shone straight down forming about a 15 degree cone with very sharp edges. I estimated the size of the light sources to be 8 feet in diameter each. The object itself was silent, had no doors or windows and moved slowly and steadily. The huge lights were the only features. The size of the object was a long rectangular solid about 50 feet deep, 150 feet wide and 500 feet long. The leading edge of the object was rounded while the trailing edge was squared off. The lights were on the underside of the object located near to the ends. The sighting lasted about two minutes and during this time I saw no roll, pitch or yaw motion. The object simply cruised straight ahead, lost altitude, leveled off, turned off the lights and then climbed up into the clouds. I can provide a sketch if requested. Please let me know.

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