February 22, 2014 – Scottsdale, Arizona – 7 PM MST

Description: My wife and I were driving north on Pima Road at 7:00 PM on February 22, 2014 when we saw a large cluster of orange lights that were slowly moving from the north to the south. We estimated that there were 40 to 50 of the orange orbs and they were not planes or balloons. The orange lights spanned what seemed several miles from east to west and appeared to be moving at the same speed. As we approached the intersection of Thompson Peak and Pima the lights were over us and appeared to be moving south at a high rate of speed. As they passed us and we turned around to follow them they all disappeared from view. We called two news stations and the Arizona Republic newspaper and they had no reports these lights. I know what I saw and can’t believe that we were the only ones to witness the event.

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  1. Lisette says:

    You were not the only one. I live in S. FL and on 2/22/14 I had just parked my car. I looked up to the sky to the north of me and saw several orange lights in a formation travling east to west. I ran and knocked on my neighbor’s door and asked them to come out to see this. We saw about 25 lights going East to West. I got in my car to follow them, but they seemed to just disappear. My neighbor took some pictures with her phone.

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