February 23, 2009 – Rockledge, Florida – 3:40 PM EST

Photo of Ring Residue Left In Wake of Flying Disk.

Photo of Ring Residue Left In Wake of Flying Disk.

Sketch of Flying Disk Prepared by Witness.

Sketch of Flying Disk Prepared by Witness.

Description: I was driving in Rockledge, Florida towards I-95 as I looked out of the window I saw a silver round metallic object go over the top of us. It came to a sudden stop just over I-95 near Fiske Blvd. It hovered for a second and then proceeded to do a circular motion at a high rate of speed. At this time you could barely make out the silver as it was moving so fast. This movement created a cloud/smoke-like ring where the object was moving. The center was clear and you could see the sky. The object abruptly stopped in the center. There was then a flash, like that of a camera, and then the object shot straight up in the sky. The object moved so fast that it was not visible within seconds. All that was left was the cloud/smoke-like formation in the sky. This all happened so fast that by the time I had my camera phone ready all that I caught was the formation that was left. This happened in daylight with many people around.I have never put the photos out before. I never really knew what to do with my information until I saw a recent episode of the Cape Canaveral/Florida area that your show did.

Note: We have received reports in the past where flying disk shaped craft leave smoke like rings. The most notable sighting where this phenomenon was exhibited was the Rex Heflin photos in California in 1965. Click here to view the Rex Heflin photos.

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3 Responses to February 23, 2009 – Rockledge, Florida – 3:40 PM EST

  1. Kelly king says:

    I took the picture of the smoke ring. I have several photos of it. I had to take it fast. I tried to take a picture of the craft, but it went too fast. I only had a flip phone at the time, but I do remember what it looks like so I drew a picture. I’m a artist so I could draw it better.

  2. Kelly King says:

    That is really interesting. If you find the pictures and are able to scan them sometime I would be really interested in seeing them. I have always been fascinated by things we can’t identify. Many are probably classified projects, but interesting none the less.

  3. john s says:

    This is quite interesting. I have a weird story to share. In approximately 1980, I was in a school stationed at Cory Station, Pensacola, Fl. US Navy. It was a Saturday and our building was prepping for an inspection coming up on the following Monday. So all of us guys were taking out all the furniture in our dorm in order to do the floors etc. I had just come outside when I noticed a blue, green, red smoke or vapor trail going straight up ubove our dorm building. I ran inside to grab my camera that my father had let me take with me. I started to snap photos. I have no idea what it was. I stood there watching it going up when all of a sudden, the high atmosphere went white in a huge circle like an explosion. From pinpoint to expanding white. I thought, what the heck? Was this a missile being tested? Why would a missle be tested over a populated area? It was a silent explosion! Of the pictures I took after getting developed (35 mm), one can clearly see the colored trail this thing left behind. I still have those pictures somewhere in my belongings. I thought that this may be of some interest to you. Thanks for all you do.

    Sincerely, John S

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