February 23, 2015 – Fairfield, Idaho – 11 PM MST

Description: I was driving from Boise to Ketchum. The night was very clear quite dark with a crescent moon in the western sky illuminating the mountains to the west of the plains near Fairfield. Ahead of me approximately only about 200 feet from the ground a very long dark object moved very slowly from east to west across the road. It was hovering with no real sound. It had a long bar shape with a long light at the front that looked like a long florescent tube. (It was in profile view.) It was at least 3 foot ball fields long, moving very slowly in a straight line. I watched it for at least 20 to 30 seconds to move in front of me heading west. As I kept driving I then watched it tilt on it’s side so I could see more of it’s form which was a huge disc shape with multiple faceted sections underneath and small lights around it’s perimeter. It was massive. It remained titled and then hovered further west in the same straight line until it moved above the mountains and over the other side and disappeared. This was not a military aircraft as it was too big and moving too slowly. The shape and metal color were both highly unusual.

Note: The witness stated that her sighting was similar to the following sighting reported to MUFON (http://www.mufon.com) that occurred in Nampa, ID on Feb 23, 2015 at 10:50 PM:

I was driving home from Marsing. I saw a large bar-shaped object hovering in the sky. It had defined edges and star-like lights placed in equidistant intervals along the length. It hovered above in the sky above Nampa-Caldwell and slowly faded against the horizon.

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