February 24, 2014 – Temple City, California – 10 PM PST

Description: A woman and two others were waiting for a friend in a parked car. They noticed that the sky was a bright pink and they saw a diamond shaped brown object moving southward in the night sky. The dogs in the neighborhood all started barking when the object first appeared. Then about 10 more objects followed in the same direction. These objects were also brown colored and diamond shaped. They noticed that the objects moved side to side as they moved south. The objects were visible for just under one minute and were lost over the horizon. The objects emitted no sound and the dogs quieted down somewhat after the objects left. The witnesses were surprised to see a helicopter fly overhead and in the direction of the objects right after they disappeared. The helicopter did not appear to be searching for anything on the ground and they didn’t think that it was a traffic helicopter.

Note: A check of weather showed that haze was present with a visibility of 6 miles at the time of the sighting. Surface winds were calm. Winds in the lower atmosphere were from the west to southwest. This means the objects were not drifting with the wind and were moving under their own power.

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