February 24, 2015 – Maple Falls, Washington – 12:15 AM PST

Description: Shortly after midnight, both my wife and I observed very bright multi-color object out the window that was low in the night sky. The object was Southwest of our location, in Maple Falls. The lights were flashing in intense reds, blues and white. The lights were similar maybe to police car emergency lights, but faster and brighter. It moved very slowly within the same area before dropping below the ridge and out of sight.

We observed this object with the naked eye as well as a pair of binoculars for a little over 10 minutes. There were no discernible details that would suggest that this was a helicopter or other known aircraft.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Our sighting looked to be similar to the following video posted on YouTube:

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  1. MK Snyder says:

    1/10 scale police light bars are available for radio-controlled aircraft.


    Many other colors are available as well. It sounds like the motion (“slowly”‘ close to the ground) is consistent with a hobby plane, and the brightness could make it difficult to see the plane via binoculars, especially if it were black itself.

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