February 4, 2013 – Wadesboro, North Carolina – 7 PM EST

Description: I was sitting in a friend’s yard waiting for my son. It was on the road behind the Anson Inn off of Highway 74, in Wadesboro, NC. I saw one light in front moving slowly over a tree a flashing light following it. I thought it was then it moved right over the top of my van very low. It was very long. I could see black outline on sides it was connected looking like a cruise ship or football field. We all got out. I pointed at it screaming oh my god it turned straight up in the air like a rocket still moving slowly now going up then turned sideways floating to the right over dollar general and the bridge on Highway 74 until I could no longer see it. It had an orange front light, white flashing red lights at back and black middle triangular shape with some grooves (maybe levels). I don’t know.

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