Flashing Red, White, Green & Blue Lights Seen in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Seekonk, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: August 12, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM EDT

Description: At first glance it looked like a star. It was very far away, but then I saw light flickering. Again, I thought it may be just dust in the air. The more I looked at it led me to believe that it may have been a plane flying towards me and that is why it looked stationary. But it sat in the same place in the sky for at least a half hour. It was there when I first saw it until I went in to go to bed so I don’t know how long it was there. I looked at it through binoculars and it was flashing red, white, and green (or bluish) lights. They looked like they were flashing in circular pattern, but it was hard to tell with the movement of the binoculars. I had my wife look as well since she usually teases me when I say I see stuff in the sky. She agreed it was flashing lights as well. It was north of me not too far above the tree line.

Note: The witness may have seen a bright star. The apparent blinking multi-colors can be due to atmospheric particulates scattering light which can show up as multiple colors especially through binoculars. This light scattering occurs more in celestial objects lower on the horizon (as is the situation with this sighting).

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134 Responses to Flashing Red, White, Green & Blue Lights Seen in Sky.

  1. Motorfin says:

    Most of these posts are older. It appears that people are seeing two different things. One appears to be UAP,(formally UFO) related. The second appears to be either drones or satellite related. The objects I am seeing show up late spring and continue into the fall. There are always a minimum of four and as many as eight scattered across the night sky. They are completely stationary and easy to see with binoculars. They are blue, green and red flashing lights. They always show up in the same exact spot each night. My best guess in what I am seeing would be info collecting drones. As others have stated, all inquiries written or in live conversation has turned up no definitive answers. We are certainly being monitored! My opinion is that it can’t be a good thing.

  2. Ko says:

    At first we noticed one (westerly) from our home in northwest Indiana. It caught our attention because it blinked in a red, white, green/blue, pattern. Since an airport is nearby we have dismissed it as a plane or something and never gave it another thought. But we’re up late tonight (snow storm finally passing and the sky is clear) and saw it again. It doesn’t move much, like a plane would. When we looked closer, we saw 3 more in the sky spaced out. We feel like it’s surveying due to the space between them and wonder how many there really are. We took out the binoculars and see that they’re all the same. They are hovering way up in the sky.

  3. Steve K. says:

    I have been watching what was one, but now two for a few years. I too can find no source to tell me what they are. More recently looking through high powered binoculars one of them has what could be wings on both sides with three small lights on both sides, but not always visible. There are also smaller helicopter looking craft that have flashing red lights that hover nearby and very high so hard to discern. Somebody has to know something, but they are not telling.

  4. Georgie Boy says:

    I’ve been watching these things (twinklers) over the Sacramento (CA) skies for a couple of years now. Something that is ironic, I see what appear to be planes taking off from the old McClellan AFB that have a round sphere of the colored lights and appear to look just like these twinkling (stationary) objects, but they are very mobile and seem to be regular aircraft, with a new type of light pattern on them. I watched one of the mobile ones heading directly at one of the stationary ones, and when it got close, the mobile one disappeared. It is very strange stuff. I’ve also seen large round red circles moving through the sky over the northern part of the Sacramento area too. It is very suspicious that NOBODY in the media appears to be curious about it. They never speak of these things.

  5. Dee says:

    In Last 5 weeks I have seen these same strange lights/objects. I have used binoculars to look at them. I finally put binoculars on a tripod mounted to a deck, very sturdy. I have seen a dozen all over the sky on some nights, but mainly 5 or 6 none of them are very close to the other. I’m in a rural farming area and there are very few lights, other than the occasional and always unmoving aircraft warning lights on large silos. Some of these “lights” have a circular bottom with what seems to be 30 or 40 individual lights on the bottom of a circular structure. They are always blinking and mainly white. To the sides of these “lights”, there are normally red and green lights also blinking. Some of them, the really high ones appear to have a blue light flickering as well. There are some drones that come out in this area from time to time, but these drones are only up for a half hour or longer, then are replaced by another drone. These drones appear similar in shape and size. However the drones come and go, and are not anywhere near the higher “lights” that appear to be a low star. I have done some research and the drones, and “lights” or low stars are not related.

  6. TITO R. says:

    We have spotted the same in North Las Vegas tonight in the south-southwest sky. They at first appear to be moving toward us (at least 4 distinct one’s) because the detail of lights becoming more apparent- the closest being toward the center. All were separated by about 3 to 4 degrees on the horizon. From my perspective they appeared to be in formation- in other words about the same distance from each other forming a slight arch. After about an 1/2 hour they started to recede as if they were floating away in no hurry. Given the altitude (which commercial flights flying below gave some perspective) it was hard to determine speed. Only the intensification or fading of the light giving any clear indication of possible movement. If we coordinated our observation we could probably determine exact location.

  7. moonshine says:

    I see this every time we have a clear night. There are at least four. This is in the Midlands in the UK.

    • katie O. says:

      These are in our desert sky in California. They hover and fly very low like a lantern zooming as if it’s going to come get you. They will come from the mountain and wait to take off with smoke. Then they land on the foothill and go sit and out again. They fly very low more and look like stars until you use your phone or binoculars. One landed on our street as if it knew we had military binoculars. There were red and white lights flashing throughout our house. I see these now every night. These are not stars.

  8. Chad R. says:

    I have seen 2 blinking red green blue lights in northern California every night since probably 2013. Until 2019 when I moved back to Indiana I watched them all the time and would see a red dot fall from one periodically. Sometimes others appeared. Now that I’m in Indiana I don’t see the same ones. They also appeared to be long or not one point of light. I can see any clear night up to probably 20. Some are a little different. Some will move at times. One big one always has a smaller one by it. Sometimes to the top left side of the big one sometimes to the bottom right. Then I see small flashes of lights near them almost like shooting stars, but in the same area over and over, but not in the same spot.

    • moonshine says:

      I have seen the same. I thought I was seeing things (the small shooting star like lights). I am in the Midlands, UK.

  9. Alexis H. says:

    On November 7, 2020 I was in my backyard and I looked in the sky at the stars & one of them caught my eye. It was flickering from bright white (like the normal color of a star) to bright red, back & forth between the two colors. I saw it with my naked eye.Then I went inside to grab my binoculars to double check, just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy & I could see it even better and more up close and personal through the binoculars. This was in Long island, Suffolk County- Patchogue, NY 11772.

  10. LUCY says:

    This is the second time we have seen this in the sky around 9:00 PM. It was a bright white. We were thinking it was a star. Through the binoculars there was red, blue, red and green lights flashing. It was at the same spot both times.

  11. Bridgette says:

    I’m sort of freaked out reading all these reports when I see an object in the sky. It has green, red, white sort of colors flashing around clockwise. It was 12:45 Friday August 7th it is now 12:49. It moves around then sits for a minute then moves around, then goes back and sits. It just keeps repeating. Can someone please explain to me!! I’m only 12.

    • John says:

      I have seen this exact and I mean EXACT same thing about 5 years ago while out jogging at 5 o’clock in the morning. When I saw this it was very still dark out and it wasn’t high enough to be anything I have ever recognized before. It was only about a couple hundred feet above the tallest pine trees out there. I never found out what it was. Did anyone ever get any answers other than it being Venus? 🤦‍♂️🙄

  12. Charles J M. says:

    It is 7-20-2020 and the time is 3:00 AM. I always watch the sky at night and I always see red, blue, green and white lights in a circle. I know it’s not any aircraft from Earth. I would really would like to know what is going on up there.

  13. Nicky says:

    I often watch the night sky for relaxation for my insomnia. It was 3:20 AM and there was a flashing light in the sky, green, white and red. Originally I thought it was a bright star or a plane because it seemed too high in the sky for a helicopter. But it stayed in the same rough area and was moving around in jerky motions, kind of like a fly. Then it would hover for a bit before jerking around again. After a while of watching I realized that it was slowly moving higher into the sky, but not further away. I thought it may be a satellite, but from the ones I’ve seen and from what I’ve searched, they tend to move in a particular trajectory, so I don’t think it’s that. It’s not a drone because it’s way too high for that. It seems to be giving off faint smaller lights that kind of fall off it and disappear. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s it’s jerky movements that’s making my eyes play tricks on me. After a while it seemed to be constantly jerking around, either erratic like, side to side, vertically and even in circles. Still very slowly managing to move higher into the sky. I watched it for about an hour, not sure why but it just seemed so odd to me. After typing this out, periodically looking at it, I looked back and it just wasn’t there. I can’t find any explanations for it anywhere.

    • Administrator says:

      It really sounds like a bright star or planet to me. Bright stars and planets can appear to “jump around” if one stars at them long enough. It is an optical illusion referred to as “autokinesis.”

      • Mike Garic says:

        There is no jumping. I am watching 4 right now. They move great distances, looking like 10 to 30 feet to the naked eye, then return. When a plane goes near, they drop really low then return after it passes.

  14. zain says:

    This just happened in Indonesia, May 7th 2020. It was exactly visible in jakarta sky, I spotted 3 dots. Each one changes it’s color to red, green and orange-ish. I keep looking at it in case it disappears. I know it’s not a plane because it’s hovering and doesn’t move. And it is not a drone because it’s way too high. I am not sure if it’s a planet.

    • Administrator says:

      You may be looking at Venus.

      • Paula says:

        Does venus form a triangular shape with each other in an almost 90 degree angle in multiple places in the sky?

        • Administrator says:

          The witness didn’t say anything about a triangular shape. The object sat in the same spot for one half hour. You didn’t read the report.

          • the real says:

            I just saw one again. It is too bright to be a star suffering from chromatic aberration. I’ve seen them for years now. This one is super bright and a lot of them move along with the stars but they are much brighter and flash red green blue sometimes yellow.

    • Cory says:

      I was looking at the sky today May 15th 2020 and it looked like all the stars were flickering red, to green, maybe blue or like orange. The only one that wasn’t flickering was the North star and big dipper.

  15. Megan R says:

    Check out my YouTube page, https://youtu.be/n_MyoFV_h3I

    I’ve been trying to figure out what these two lights are that I recorded. Theres a description of events under the video. Please help!

  16. Are They Here? says:

    So like everyone here I am here after just seeing these here in New Zealand. Here is what I have noticed after observing for about an hour tonight. It alternates between white, red, green, and blue color. It seems as if it hovers. There are multiple “lights” various arrangements always very geometrically figured. They seemed connected, moving in one uniform swift moment. There seemed to be a “mothership.” ( I really have no clue what else to call it!)

    Please let me know if there any answers to what I just saw???!

    • Patricia W. says:

      We are in Fulton. MI and for the past week we have noticed something similar. Sitting on our patio at night and when we look up at the stars we have noticed six of these objects that are flashing as we look through the binoculars we can see what appears to be objects sitting in the sky flashing blue white red and green colors. The objects remain in the same place and are surrounding a much brighter light. In addition, there are multiple satellites that are in the sky circling around this area. I have asked other people if these could be a type of satellite as well and no one seems to think so. If anyone has any information please post. We are curious on what this could be.

      • John says:

        Hey Patricia,

        I’m in Bath, MI and I saw the same white, red, green, blue light tonight. It was in the western sky slightly north of due west from my vantage point. I’m glad you posted as it confirms my suspicions.


    • D Sutherland says:

      I also live in New Zealand, north of Wellington, and see these nightly when the sky is clear. It is definitely not Venus as there are usually 6, sometimes as many as 12.
      I am not sure if they are drones or not, but they stay up at night for several hours and move off to the north in a kind of formation, around dawn. It is hard to tell how far away they are, but they do seem to come in closer and then back off every now and again.

      I live close to an airport where there is a 4 KM no fly zone in place for drones (unless a qualified drone pilot flying them, with a flight plan logged). I first noticed them over a year ago. I have pointed them out to mates who see them too, so I am not imagining them or misinterpreting star sightings.

      Could they be police operated? Surely to fly for that long, that frequently, would cost a lot in equipment and man hours? It’s not like the area I live is a high crime town or anything. I never hear sirens or even any cars out after 11 PM! Does anyone have any info on what these could be and what they are doing up there every night for hours on end?

  17. My name is Jeff says:

    This happened in Reno, Nevada 1:58 AM. I was walking my dog and looked up to see what I believe to have been a star reflecting the atmosphere causing it to flicker red and green. It looked extremely far away and within seconds started to look like it may be a drone 1,000 meters away. Immediately when I started filming the object moved closer and went from dead silent to sounding like a synthesized World War II dual prop aircraft. I could not make out the shape other than triangular with very bright red, green and white white being the front and rear read being right left being green, but extremely bright and flying very low. The whole experience is unlike anything I have ever encountered. I am happy to have found a website with people describing very similar experiences. However I’d love to know what these craft are and if they’re somehow connected to the viral outbreak. Good luck everyone.

    • Adriana says:

      We live near Washoe County not far from Mt. Rose. My boyfriend and I have also seen this object in what appears to be some sort of craft. Almost appears to be a drone, but the lights it is emitting seem so bright for something that size. The first night we saw it I told my boyfriend it must be a star or planet, but as we continued to watch it realized it was definitely moving. Tonight we saw it again, starting in the same spot and moving toward Mt. Rose. Eventually about 30 minutes later we checked again and it was above the mountain for a few minutes and then disappeared behind it. I would like to know more about this. If anyone has info please share.

      • Administrator says:

        Sounds like a celestial object probably Venus.

        • Mike says:

          Through binoculars, they look and move like a helicopter. These are not celestial bodies. There are singles, and multiples. They move up down and sideways and return. I watch them every night and they are always in the same general area, by my earthly distance are a couple of blocks one way or the other, and move a lot. They are not sitting still and appear to jump around.

  18. Ruth C. says:

    Look at my YouTube channel Ruth Wusstig. You can see images of this so-called star it is above 3595 Santa Fe Ave., Long Beach, CA 90810. I definitely think this is something to do with electronica harassment. I get headaches chest pain. I hear voices also known as B2K. Look at my YouTube channel for more information.

  19. Ruth C. says:

    This is present nightly at and or above Winward Village in Long Beach, CA, 3595 Santa Fe Avenue. It is electronica harassment. I have a YouTube channel Ruth Wusstig. Please look me up and you can see our images of it.

  20. Hudson says:

    Yesterday in Estonia/Saaremaa I saw at least 4 similar objects. They were not moving. They were changing and flickering blue, green, and red. I also have video made through a telescope.

  21. MARY ANN J. says:

    Yes I watch the sky because I love stars. Two nights ago it was clear so I went outside to look and low and behold west of Edgewater, Florida there was a flashing light changing colors. It stayed stationary when I filmed it, but my arm moved, but it was all colors. IT WAS REALLY COOL, BUT I AM CURIOUS AS TO WHAT IT WAS.

    • MARY ANN J. says:


    • Administrator says:

      You are seeing the planet Venus. It is very bright and has generated a wave of UFO sightings.

      • Crystal says:

        Are there multiple planets that do this because I have seen 4 different objects, that look like stars, but flash multiple colors and stay in the say spot, just tonight. I’m in southern Indiana.

        • Administrator says:

          Bright planets and stars can appear to flash colors if atmospheric conditions are right. Objects that are stationary on clear sky nights are quite likely celestial phenomena and not UFO’s.

  22. T says:

    Has Anyone got an answer yet? the one’s near me just increased in numbers (in Bronx,NY).

  23. Sue says:

    I was walking my dog tonight, and looked up in the sky. There was a cluster of lights (pale yellow and red) just sitting up there. I kept looking up there all through the walk, and those lights did not move from their position. I watched airplane lights fly by, but that particular cluster of lights (which was shaped differently than the airplane lights) stayed in one position for the whole time I was out there which was about an hour. It’s now 6 hours later, and I went out and looked for it again. It has changed position, but it’s still up there!

  24. Petra moralez says:

    I would like to hear more stories.

  25. B.P. Beverly says:

    Feb. 4, 2020 Southern California:

    I’ve been seeing the same thing for a couple of months now, it looks like a bright star but if you watch it a minute you can clearly see red, blue/green and white lights rotating around it. There is usually 2 to 3 of these lights several nights a week. I’m in the San Gabriel Valley area, in Baldwin Park. The lights have always been stationary in the same locations, they seem not to move, but then after a while you realize you are now looking more to the left of where you first saw it, the move is so slow and gradual you don’t notice it. The first one I ever noticed & have been seeing for a while is East of me, seeming to be over city of San Dimas, another to the South of me, towards City of Industry or La Puente, and a couple of times there was one N/W of me looking towards Pasadena.

    Tonight was very different. My neighbor and I were up late sewing and we went out into my backyard at about 3 AM, I mentioned the lights to her and when we looked up and there were at least 10, maybe more, in all directions, but none in the usual areas.

    We kept watching them and making jokes about what they may be doing up there. Then we got busy feeding my rabbits.

    Suddenly we heard the roar of what sounded like a low flying airplane or jet, like you would hear if you were near an airport. The sound was quickly approaching our neighborhood, it sounded like it was a bit too low, I commented that the lights had spotted us and now the Mother Ship was coming, I was looking up the entire time, my neighbor looked up just before it would have passed overhead. We both were expecting to see the underside of a large plane or jet or something, it didn’t sound like a helicopter.It without a doubt sounded like a plane. For a second I thought it sounded like maybe it was crashing because the sound was too loud. We heard it zoom over us and continue North but there was nothing in the sky, nothing at all!! And the roar of its engines didn’t fade away as a plane would as it got further away. No this roaring sound got just a bit quieter as it passed over, but then suddenly it went quiet. There were no lights, no shadows, no outline of anything, just the sound of the thing flying over us. It freaked us both out. We kept listening for it and watching the sky for a while longer.

    If anyone has experienced something like that please contact me. Also, everyone who has photos or video, please send them to me at bornwyatt@gmail.com PLEASE PUT IN SUBJECT LINE “FLASHING LIGHTS” so I don’t accidentally overlook your email.

  26. John V. says:

    (Jan 28, 2020, North Carolina)
    I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette one night at about 1 AM. When I looked up at the night sky and saw something that has never been there before. There were flashing red blue and white lights in patterns unlike a airplane or drone. I know for a fact it was not a star because it was way lower than any star in the sky and I also ran inside to grab my binoculars. As I’m looking through the binoculars I notice even more colored lights green and orange and they were moving around an object that I could not make out the shape of. I couldn’t tell if the lights were attached to the object in the sky or if they were surrounding the object, but I do know that they changed colors frequently and in different patterns. Whatever this thing was it had to of known I was looking at it because I was standing there and because I was standing in the open looking at it for a long time and I felt like it was observing me. I knew people would think I’m crazy if I told them so I went back inside to wake up my friend so I could have a witness. We walked outside and he’s tripping out and I didn’t blame him because I should of been scared too. He starts yelling at it and flashing a flashlight on and off towards it and the lights around the aircraft got brighter like it was moving closer to us and I pulled out my phone to get a video. I should have took pictures too, but I didn’t think about it I was too busy trying figure out what it was. The lights went away for a couple seconds and then reappeared and when they reappeared the object started moving away faster than anything I’ve ever seen before and disappeared into the night sky around 3:30 AM. If anyone has any questions or more information or wants to see the video, please email at jonaldo828@gmail.com.

    • Susan M. says:

      I saw a very low red and white light through my bathroom window. When I went outside it wasn’t there. To the south of where the red and white light was there was a blue blinking light. It was very bright. I got the binoculars and zooming in it looked like a flat head screw. I went back in the house and the red and white light appeared again in the bathroom window. It was very low and looked very close. My boyfriend looked to the south and the blue blinking light was gone. It’s been about 20 minutes since the first sighting and the blue light is back and seems closer. We are in South Georgia (5 miles from Florida border). The red and white light was directly east of I-75 and the blue light is south east of I-75. We look at the sky every night and have never seen this before. (Today’s date: Feb 3, 1:54 AM).

  27. Kitana says:

    I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and lately I have seen a red light flashing flying around in the sky. It is too small to be an airplane, but also too big to be a drone. It makes no noise and you can kind of tell from the way it flies around because it flies up and down and side to side in all sort of directions. It is so weird

  28. Raphael says:

    Look how many of us see these and No acknowledgement from our government. What does that tell you?

    • B.P. Beverly says:

      Raphael, I agree. All over the U.S. and Canada and no mention of it from Government or even talked about on the local news. Nothing???

  29. Victor A. says:

    My Wife and I saw it around April, 2018, and I have some videos of it. Someone insisted it was the star Spica, so I pulled up a star chart and no stars are in the vicinity of this thing. We watched “Mr Blinky” as I called it. I think it was directly related to the UFO sighting we witnessed. I couldn’t get my camera into video mode for some reason. I didn’t want to have my flash going off. When I finally got video mode going, as soon as I raised the camera, its ass end lit up bright red and it was GONE. I think it went from maybe 15 miles an hour to 300+ MPH in an instant and after that phenomenon, Mr Blinky was not there anymore. A very similar incident happened in Turkey in 2007. The link follows:


    • Victor A. says:

      I need to make some corrections. The date was April 2016. My apologies for giving the wrong date. The location (which I forgot to mention) was Ulster County, New York. “Mr Blinky” was to our Southwest, at about 30 degrees. The last day we saw it was when we watched the UFO in awe and it was going very low and slow when I brought my wife outside, three yellowish lights in a shallow triangle, following the Catskill Aqueduct (which begins just a few miles from us at the Ashokan Reservoir, and goes deep to pass under the Rondout Creek and is 600 feet down where it passes through the property I was living on, about 50 feet from our house making its way to New York City. It looked as if it were somehow mapping the aqueduct.)

      Also, I served 8 years in the US Navy as a Missile Fire Control Man and was trained in the identification of aircraft. What I saw I did not recognize as an aircraft, so it was “in my opinion” an unidentified flying object and my Wife was looking at it through my binoculars going over and over and said: “Vic do you see this f’…ng thing? What the hell is it? Do you see this??” The light show when it passed just to our South was spectacular, and like nothing we have ever seen. We watched it in awe. Since that day, she would not come outside when I wanted her to see something in the sky. I documented the entire event. The Turkey UFO sighting is very much like what I witnessed.

  30. Crystal says:

    I am so glad to read this. I have been watching these three objects for about 3 months now. I see red green white flickering lights to the west to the north and to the east. I am in West Palm Beach, Florida. At least 4 nights a week they are in the same spot. I know what I see and I know I’m not crazy, but can find no explanation. They are just the same occurrences being spoken about.

  31. Vickey W. says:

    I am glad that I found this. I have been watching this object for over 3 weeks. It appears every night in the same western spot. I can see it flashing. When I look through my binoculars it has red, green and white lights swirling around like on a Christmas tree. It is stationary for an average of 45 minutes then it moves slowly down and west behind trees. What is it? It’s awesome to watch.

    • Sam says:

      My sister and I have been seeing the same thing in the western sky. It is there around 8:30 PM till around 9:30 PM. My sister lives about 30 miles from me and we can both see it at the same time. I looked out tonight when there were no stars out and there it was. It moves just as you said. It is brighter than a star and much bigger.

  32. Joshua G. says:

    Ok, I walk dogs every night late usually any time from 8-12:00 at night. I’m always looking up at the stars specially last year or so they have really been very interested to me. I have saw things threw the years that we’re not anything we know of. I see things that have made me a true believer that we’re either not alone or we’re not being told many things from our government. But anyhow now I’m walking dogs about a month ago and noticed a star or thought maybe a star that was twinkling different colors. It was much lower than any of the other stars though. It was far away distant, but not high in sky like stars. I just told myself it’s nothing even though something was making me believe it was something out of the norm. Last night my buddy stopped by we get to talking having good time got on topic of government not telling us everything and there always watching us. It was getting late time got away from us like it does all the time nowadays. Another topic we were discussion time just seems to fly by now so fast it’s scary. So he had to get going. It’s around 2:00 AM now. I walk him to truck but we started talking about time and government again. Then my buddy says OMG what’s that. I look here is this glowing in the sky red, green, blue white maybe more IDK. At first I thought it maybe was a plane or helicopter. But then it’s not moving and it is just sitting in the sky. We were trying to figure out what it was then we swear it’s moving a little bits left right, but we’re not positive. I go get my rifle with scope and the funny thing is it actually looked further away in scope than by eye. It really looked bright in scope, but I couldn’t really make anything out. I then remembered what I saw month before to the NW. I told him about it we look there it is. The one he spotted was to the SE, but a lot closer. It was getting cold and we had enough so he went home. But I kept taking a look out my window of house it’s still there, but now it had moved up and away. IDK something just doesn’t look right. I’m researching it and I have read it’s a star called Sirius then another name I don’t remember now. I just don’t believe it. It was just to close and not that far up. This is not like stars or planets that I know of. When I saw some of these posts disco balls in the sky I knew it had to be what I was also seeing. I have definitely saw things that were out of this world.

  33. Man in black says:

    Ok, I have been videoing these lights for 5 nights now. I have now seen it explode into pieces and disappear only to “loop” and regenerate! I have the video! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t caught it on video! I have seen this happen twice. Has anybody else seen this happen?

  34. Mary O. says:

    My partner and I see 2 or more each night, usually coming from the SE. Two of them remain stationary most of the time in the north and the west. They often come in quickly and seem to respond when we flash a light at them by coming toward us very low in the sky. We also saw one during the day. They are silent and on one occasion we could see 2 on infrared night cameras, but when we went outside to look they were not visible. We are looking for an explanation.

    • K says:

      I have seen this flying object for about a month now. I have just noticed that when using binoculars that it’s a disc and the lights fly around it. All of the colors I have seen are green, yellow, red and slightly blue. It moves up slowly while sometimes going left or right and back down, but always gaining altitude. It’s in the same general area pretty much every night.

  35. Marinda A. says:

    Hey y’all! My husband and I have seen this RECENTLY. 9/13/2019 was the first sighting. We went out at around 6:15 that morning and were stargazing. We looked at this one “star” that was INCREDIBLY brighter than ANY other star. It was a bluish hue and flashing red and green. It was just hovering at that spot for around 20 minutes or so. Then out of nowhere it started moving quite quickly in a straight line pattern, as it was moving we saw red streaks shooting in different directions from it and then the original ship(?) was still moving across the sky. It changed it’s flight pattern really quickly towards another ship(?) that was also hovering. And then the original ship (?) was gone. We then started watching the other bright thing in the sky which was MUCH closer, still the same blinking light (blue red green with white center). We watched the sky for about an hour. In that time period it sat there for a good 30 minutes and was also shooting out red streaks or lights maybe like 4 or 5 into the sky and it was still just hovering there? Eventually we started to notice it was leaving as well, but incredibly slower than the original. They seemed to use the sun coming up to help cloak them leaving. We used other actual stars as comparison of the brightness in the sky in relative to the sun. Even in full sunrise, you could still see the ship. It was VERY small and seemed to be raising in altitude, but all of the stars that were out were faded out because of the sun light rising. We also went out on 9/15/2019 saw the same (2nd) ship(?) again! It was not in the same exact spot like a star, but in the same area! Also we live by Ouffit Air Force Base so we are used to seeing all sorts of military aircraft, even stealth jets so we are very used to seeing different things flying around. If ANYONE sees ANYTHING like this at all please email me at mrrdantley22@gmail.com.

  36. R..dutton says:

    I am in eastern Tennessee..have been watching these objects for about 2 weeks Sometimes I count as many as 30 in a night. Some are stationary or move slightly; some actively fly around stopping, hovering and making sharp impossible turns. These are not aircraft as they are completely silent. I’m glad I found this post as it seems to be happening internationally.

    • Candace says:

      I just saw it too here in Nashville, TN! I literally can’t take an image and show how fast it jumps in short spurts and flashing very bright colors. You describe it perfect.

    • Courtney says:

      I’m in East Tennessee as well and I just now saw what you’ve described. At first glance I figured it was a plane, but then I began to notice it didn’t move. It stayed in the same spot. The lights I saw appeared to be red, green and white. I have no binoculars or telescopes or anything else to that nature. I googled about weather balloons and when I looked back up, it was completely gone. No plane was traveling in either direction. I have no idea what I saw, but I know for a fact I saw something.

    • Courtney says:

      I’m in East Tennessee and I just saw what you’ve described. At first I thought it was a plane or something easily explained, but I noticed it never moved. It stayed for a good 10 to 15 minutes. I looked down to google weather balloons and when I looked back up, it was gone. It was flashing red, green, and white lights.

      • Man in black says:

        I’m in north, GA and yes, I also noticed about 4 days ago and have them on video. They are just as you described. I put an application on the phone (X45 zoom telescope) and it works well. I also slow the player with frame by frame picture. I have about 2 hours of really good video. It is more bazaar than you think. Only on a computer screen have I ever seen anything like them. I can’t seem to get answers anywhere. I’ll just keep watching.

    • Chad R. says:

      I have seen 2 in northern California every night since probably 2013. Until 2019 when I moved back to Indiana I watched them all the time and would see a red dot fall from one periodically. Sometimes others appeared. Now that I’m in Indiana I don’t see the same ones. They also appeared to be long or not one point of light. I can see on any clear night up to probably 20. Some are a little different. Some will move at times. One big one always has a smaller one by it. Sometimes to the top left side of the big one sometimes to the bottom right. Then I see small flashes of lights near them almost like shooting stars, but in the same area over and over, but not in the same spot.

  37. Tyler says:

    I’m glad I found this trend. These are NOT STARS just as many said already, they look like stars at first, but move left to right and all around. Also I saw them moving higher and lower altitude very fast. And they were not even the same color as a star. I’m in Northern California and they were WAY CLOSE.

  38. Mat says:

    Hi. I live in western Sydney Australia and people think I’m nuts. I have been researching since I started and I am 100% that this isn’t what they call aliens. I have seen so much and connected the dots. Let’s put it this way, I was a nonbeliever but now I’ve wholeheartedly changed on that. If people want to know more then I’m very happy to explain. I’m not special but I’m also not deceived.

    I see the same red, blue, yellow, green lights everywhere I go. To the unsuspecting naked eye they look like a star in the sky, but no these are intelligent. I don’t understand why people won’t investigate this more. Do your research people please! Go to the Old Testament and you will find the answers. They do not like to be lasered and videotaped at the same time, trust me They will manipulate your world around you. All you have to do is connect the dots. It is all out there for us to research. BUT just don’t believe in aliens ok.

    I’m happy to answer any skeptics, I would take a lie detector test or any means necessary if I had to.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes I agree 110% with you. They look like stars, but they are not. I believe whatever it is tries to blend in with the stars. But I can’t find anything about them.

      • Johanna says:

        Your not going crazy. The lights are real. Big brother is watching, and listening through your TV, phone, cameras and yes even the sky. It’s time for America to wake up and see what part of History we are in.

    • Kayla B. says:

      Can you explain more to me about them because I have searched and can’t find anything.

    • Rachelle says:

      Mat: I would really like to know more about your theory. Especially the part about them manipulating the world around you. Please respond through email if you can. Thanks.


  39. Dan says:

    Last night ( 4-28-19 ) my wife and I saw this same thing over Jacksonville, FL. It was very bright and larger than any star. It had red green blue yellow pulsating lights around a white light in the center. We watched it altogether for about a hour. It wasn’t a star, airplane, helicopter, satellite or anything we’ve ever seen before. It was stationary in relation to the stars that were visible. The thing that stands out the most was the colors and their brightness, very true in their clarity, and how they surrounded the center light.

    • Betsie says:

      I have seen the same thing here in North Georgia on and off for many months. I wish I knew what it could be.

  40. Gene Johnson says:

    I have noticed these since 1989. I am as puzzled as anyone and when I bring them to someone’s attention, they ask for MY explanation. The general characteristic is that they flash red/blue/green/white and some speculation has been offered as to the possibility of being GPS devices. I have seen multiple ones in the north, south, southeastern and southwestern skies. I have watched them seem to rise in fixed conjunction with constellations. Add me to the want-to-know list

  41. Kat says:

    Location: England,UK
    I see these too and have been for about a week. But I have only been seeing them since the time my mum and I went shopping and saw a saucer shaped object resembling some sort of spacecraft in the sky just there in plain daylight. The other night I saw one with a blinding white light above a house in which I took a picture and the picture was so bad that you can only see that light and a blurry light which came from a house. (If you want to see my picture message my twitter @Katasims1). But these lights move, and in any direction because at first I thought they were planes, but planes can’t switch direction. They have to maneuver and it takes a couple seconds. But these lights we’re going forward, backward, up and down in just a matter of seconds.

    • Jason W says:

      I’m in Belmont Mississippi (North Mississippi). I can count 13 to 18 of these lights that flash on and off nightly. I meet some friends and we watch them every night. We can’t figure out what they are. They are in the same positions every night even though they bounce around or move up and down and hover. Sometimes they move and swap positions a little bit, but they look like stars.

    • Georgina says:

      Today in England (UK) I recorded some kind of fake helicopter. It sounded like one, but wasn’t. Sometimes there was noise and sometimes there wasn’t. It went blue to red in a mini second then to green. Then it jumped the sky like it just went at the speed of light. I have the recording on my phone. I’m so confused!

  42. FMW says:

    I am visiting Central South Carolina. My daughter and I have witnessed this “flashing” light of bright white to dull white to blue to red object. It moves accordingly across the southern sky from left to right just above the tree line. We are thinking a Quasar possibly. Quasars are many hundreds of light years away from Earth. There has to be a logical reason behind this object “we are” all seeing. It is clear that we are all seeing the same object. We can turn to Space.com or Slooh Telescopes and research this. This object is very interesting to learn more about as it seems to be the most active in the night sky. I have seen videos of it and because of the rotation of the Earth, I believe this is why we notice a “ring” effect. Meaning it would be far away from what we are used to seeing in the night sky. It seems that most everyone from around the globe can see this. Maybe there is a workup in Europe that can explain what this “flashing”, “blinking” object is. We are going to stay on top of this. It is an awesome study workup that maybe we all can solve. Maybe reaching out to an astronomer would be helpful.

  43. kr mckinnon says:

    We have one in NE Texas. It is in the southwest sky nightly. we see red and green lights with white occasional flashes. It looks to be I am guessing approximately 8,000 to 10,000 feet high.
    We have been watching it nightly appear in close, but different locations. It doesn’t move typically. However one night it dropped slowly behind the treeline. It is definitely not a star.

  44. J. Swanny says:

    I have night vision camcorder images of these flashing lights that stay in one place and move slowly. I recorded this in Nighthawk, WA almost 15 years ago. It is a very rural area. I then noticed them again in a rural area called Chesaw, WA almost 5 years ago. Again I have seen around 6 to 7 of these white red and blue flashing round shaped objects around my again rural property in Idaho. They are there every night for over 3 years now. So many of us seeing the same thing and have video proof, and yet no answers to be found. We all know what planets and stars and refracted light is so why all the disinformation. Maybe we need to start asking our officials for answers instead of excuses. We are not unintelligent beings so easily duped. You are seeing something tangible.

  45. bre & tristan says:

    We just saw 4 of these little triangular flashy red and blue lights flying above our house a few times. Three of them went to this blue flashy light that stayed in one spot. One flew over our head and went a total different direction than the other three.

  46. Josh says:

    I have been watching this ball of flashing light for at least a year. I am in St. George, Utah. It is not visible every night, but it does always remain in the exact same spot all night long when it is seen.

  47. Otis says:

    Yes, I have been spotting these for over a decade. My first time was whilst living in Maroubra, Australia. I am now in Rosebery. It was a clear night sky and I saw facing East sometimes 2 sometimes 3 maybe more. Last week I noticed on a cloudy night sky a dim yellow light just peaking through a break in the clouds, pretty low. The other ones I am talking about look like stars at a glance but with binoculars it’s like that cant be.

  48. john says:

    HI: I live in Niagara Falls, Canada and I have seen the same thing at night through my friend’s telescope. It looks like a ring of LED lights that are green and then flash red in a random(?) pattern.

    • Terri says:

      I live in CA and see them too. They are just what you described. I think they could be man made and launched up there for a future reason. That is my guess.

  49. ?Rosita? Reyes Zarate says:

    Omg just now I saw it and started crying because the same thing flew above my house and then went away.

  50. Ariana says:

    I am located in QLD, Australia. I have noticed the same big, bright flashing red, blue, green and white light in the sky! 3 nights ago I noticed it flickering more than others. It was super bright and a lot bigger than normal. (I never noticed it previously.) I grabbed the binoculars out and could see what seemed like a circular pattern of what looked like about 5 lights. I had my partner check with the scope on his rifle and he could see the same. Within about 30 minutes it had gotten below the hill that we couldn’t see it anymore. We have noticed 2 more similar lights since then, but much smaller than the one first spotted that does not move at all. We are stationed on a property of an unpopulated area.

  51. Sarah says:

    I see these lights in Sioux City, IA. They flash red. greenish blue, and white. I have seen them in the winter as well as the spring and summer. I watched one for over an hour tonight while on the phone with a friend and commented on it many times throughout our conversation. It seemed to hover in the sky, while moving sporadically around in the same general area the entire time I watched it. I live near an airport, so I am very familiar with how planes move and look in the night sky. This looks and acts nothing like any plane I have ever seen.

  52. John Lerch says:

    It’s probably Capella, which is 2 stars very close together that look like one from earth. They are both dying stars, that’s why they flicker. Eh, that’s what science says. In the last 2 years though it was South-Southwest during the summer and fall. Now now the damn thing is in the North-Northwest sky. I used to think the moon was constant like the sun. That’s to say it rose in one part of the sky and set in the other CONSISTENTLY. But since moving to the country I see the night sky much better. For the first time I noticed the moon rises and sets consistently for a month then the next month a complete change in rise and set. Odd I never noticed before. Maybe its a Mandala effect, Eh?

  53. Stephanie says:

    I see MANY of these blinking red and green flying objects that look like low horizon stars. I am in Kitchener, On. Canada. I was told by a friend of mine that they are drones. I did a bit of research and found an article from 2014 stating that drones were coming to a “sky near you” in the future. Apparently they are used for data collection, (i.e. what time your lights go out at night, pedestrian traffic routes and vehicle use). I think this is what they are.

    • Frisson Motor Werks says:

      Drones, really?

    • Miguel says:

      Sorry but they are not drones. I had 2 sightings, and they moved at very High Altitudes. At first glance, they look like your ordinary stars,but if you focus your eye, you will see white, green, red, blue, purple colors if not more. Both times I saw them they were more then 15,000 lights moving like a swarm, like bees protecting a hive.They can do formations, like an army, and if you take notice, they have scouts while. The high altitude and the high Speeds rule out the drone theory. It looks more like an Army of Foo Fighters, then anything else.

  54. Cathy says:

    In Phoenix, Oregon we have seen them for several years now. They change from spot to geometric shapes in red, blue and green to flying dragon moving all over.

  55. Charle says:

    I have seen spideys and saucers in the skies over St. George, Utah shining their green, blue, red and white lights. There isn’t any flying aircraft in the world to my knowledge that has a green light on it except a flying UFO of some sort. Over Richfield, Utah I have even seen the spot light on the bottom of the craft searching the ground for it’s intended target safe place.

  56. Leigh says:

    My friend and I see many in the sky. In the Bahamas as well as Connecticut. They are green and red sometimes with a barely notable white tail. They don’t move. They can be far or close, high or low. We count them and seen as many as 12 or 13 in the dark Bahamas and 7 to 8 in Connecticut. We wave. They don’t move at all. We were told they were weather balloons, but reading about both weather balloons and drones they don’t seem to meet those descriptions either. I could go outside right now and see a few. They are always there.

    • LQH says:

      Hi Leigh: Do you see the one in the SE sky. It seems to be over Groton/New London? There are red, green lights, with bursts of white and changes from round to oblong in size (as noted with zoom camera). It moves up down, all over the place. It also can be seen going down below the horizon around 10 or 1030 PM.

  57. Dave says:

    My wife and I just got done having Thanksgiving dinner and stepped outside for some fresh air and let the dog out and we both saw the same lights you all are seeing. We are located in Staunton, ILLINOIS and it is southwest from us. They are very big, very bright, red blue and green flashing lights! They don’t seem to be traveling, but seem to be moving either up and down or my wife thinks they are in a small circle? We have seen lots of shooting stars, space stations and all kinds of things, but this one is new to me?

    • Terri says:

      I don’t think UFO’s. If you believe in the NWO then I think it’s man made put in the sky for a future purpose. See the Blue Beam Project. Hmmmm?

  58. Jessica says:

    I have seen the exact same thing multiple times for the past few months. I have seen it move and it can hover for hours. I have sat and watched it. If it is Capella, why doesn’t it rotate at the same degree as the other stars? I am very concerned and my boyfriend thinks I am crazy. He has seen it too, but tells me it is the north star. No way! Please update me if there is any new information on this. The location of my sightings is Willernie, MN

    • Terri says:

      I am in Hesperia, CA. You are not crazy. It’s all over apparently. No one knows what they are. See the Blue Beam project. They could be government issued. Seriously, check it out.

  59. Becky Gurno says:

    I have seen the same thing several times. On September 29th, my daughter and I saw a fast moving light that stopped on a dime. I thought I would record with my phone although although i was doubtful that it would work. It worked! It is the only thing visible in both recordings.

  60. Julia Kennedy says:

    It’s the star Capella. Actually Capella has two stars. They are close to one another. They are bigger and brighter than our own star, the Sun. In the fall Capella always flashes these curious lights. It is natural and normal.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks. You may very well be right.

    • Otis says:

      Seriously my whole life I have been looking at the stars. Never did I notice or ever thought anything about the Capella doing this.

    • Otis says:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=44&v=NFtPbY6NsME. Someone got some footage. It looks like what I see.

    • None Ovurbiznes says:

      The only problem with that argument is that some places there are many of these objects. I have seen a minimum of four outside a night sometimes many many more. They are almost at even spacing across the night sky in every direction and they sit still in the sky as the stars move. They sit just above the tree line and sometimes they switch out with each other and they travel slowly along the tree line just blinking wildly with no discernible pattern to the colors. Sometimes they seem to flash into place. Although when they switch out as they slowly approach each other it seems like they are talking to each other. It is like they are blinking Morse code or something.

    • Donna Isenhower says:

      It can’t be Capella. I saw the lights flashing two nights ago in the western sky, then last night it was in the north-northeastern sky, and then I started really looking at the sky with my binoculars and counted 12 of them. They were kind of positioned in a huge circle in the sky. They were in all directions. That’s not a star.

    • Jacklyn Teresa Friday says:

      I have seen up to three of these triangular objects in the sky. They are not always close to each other and stars don’t move across the sky and stop. I have been able to see with the naked eye and it looks like it was hovering and hours later. It will move to another part of the sky. I have been watching these objects since December, 2020. I don’t believe this is a star. But you are not the first to try to give an easy answer to this. I don’t believe you are correct.

  61. Brian says:

    I have seen 4 different ones over Ottumwa, Iowa and sometimes they get super bright then die down and then start flashing bright again. It is weird. I have a High Power Spotter and I just can’t seem to make it out other then a “circular thing”. My friend hit it with a high power green laser beam and “something” seemed to break off and float in the direction his beam came from. Needless to say it scared “the crap” out of us so we high tailed it. These “things” have been witnessed by MANY neighbors for over 6 years now.. Add me on snapchat and we can share videos of these. Brian52501

    • Gary G. says:

      I did the same thing with a green laser and it was getting closer real fast so I ran. LOL! I have tried it many times since and it hasn’t came towards like it did that one time.

  62. Seth says:

    I see one or two every week night in the same spot in N. Alabama, but they seem to stay in the same spot other than moving up or down somewhat. My friend sees one from his house every night & we are looking at one now in the night sky on a Saturday or early Sunday morning actually.

  63. Matt Goodman says:

    I have seen this many times including tonight Aug 12 2017, in southeastern Ontario looking northwest.

  64. Timothy W* says:

    I live in east Spokane valley, WA. I take my dog out every night once or twice between 10 PM and 3:30 AM. A light appears (I have been noticing it for about 8 months) fairly high off of the horizon in the southwest sky. It strobes or pulses green, blue, white, and red. The red and blue are not constant. It is in roughly the same spot in the sky every night. I have watched it move “short” distances, but it does so very fast and stops on a dime. It does appear to have a distinct shape, but my eyes don’t focus too well at night with my current prescription. I am preoccupied with it. I am always thinking I’m nuts. My wife has seen it as well and seems very uncomfortable talking about it. The past few nights there seems to be another light further west of it’s position. It is much smaller, but it is there. No other celestial bodies appear this way. SOMETIMES on overcast nights it is the only light up there.

    • Grace Henry says:

      I’m in Marysville WA. For the past 6 to 8 months I have been seeing the same.

      I had a Coolplix camera with a 20X zoom in lens and documented it. The last time I was in Yakima we were staying at the Oxford Inn. From our hotel porch I pointed out the peculiar low star and got out my camera. I have about 10 different videos of the star. In a few of the videos the orb turned into 5 orbs then one by one they disappeared. Then another orb appears. A second one appears the inches while blinking a mile or so away from the first light and then it disappears. I have all the videos saved in my phone.

      • Donna Isenhower says:

        Can you please post your videos? I am in Dolan Springs, AZ and have seen these strange things in the sky for the past two nights. The first night, around 1 AM I saw just one, doing exactly what everyone describes. Last night I saw it again, only the first time it was in the western sky, the second time it was in the north-northeastern sky. THEN, I really started looking at the sky and by 2 AM I had counted 12 of them. They were in every direction, almost in a HUGE circle in the sky above.

    • akacla says:

      In 2021 I have been seeing this too. I am from Louisiana and I saw it move also. They don’t move often, but when they do move it’s very fast and they do stop on a dime! I’ve been looking online for years to find out what these are and why? But every search ends with no answers. Like there would be some kind of blockage for and removing any real answers. There are so many if not millions of people questioning this, but the only answers are about stars and wind causing the flickering WHICH IS BULL I’m over 40 years old and never ever heard or seen this in the sky before. When I saw one cruising across sky to an abrupt stop, that really peaked my curiosity. Still, years later it’s blames the stars. I know I can be NAIVE at time, but this was no star or comet or anything like that! Why aren’t there answers about this? I wish I had a telescope with video record because I’d plaster it all over the internet.

  65. fiskyfoo says:

    From 2012 (approximately) to 2015 I noticed similar blinking lights in a large patch of the sky in Carson, California. I would “stargaze” almost every night for hours. They would appear in several different areas simultaneously. They would move, but very slowly.

    • Brian says:

      That sounds similar to what I see and hear in Utah. I have seen the light also move fast over the eastern mountains from south to north then disappear in what I can only describe as a shadow in the night sky which kills all lights in the sky. I noticed a lot more of these fake stars this year. I tried to take a picture and I get a blue or gray dot when zoomed in. If I view with binoculars or a camera phone it seems to flash multicolor lights. Some seem to hold position in the sky for several nights then they just aren’t there. Others seem to move, but not always natural movement with stars. They look like crosses of light to my naked eye. I wonder if we are seeing the same thing.

  66. Rachel says:

    Seeing the same here in Colon/Sherwood, MI in the Southeastern sky. It flashes white, red, green, and blue color. It seems as if it hovers. It has stayed in the sky until it was too daylight to see it anymore many times at the end of summer. Sometimes it flashes fast, then slow, gets bright and dims as well. I am very curious to know what exactly it is.

    • Time to Wake up says:

      Location: Southwest of McDill Air Force base Tampa over Pass-a-grill Beach, St Pete, Florida. West Coast of Florida

      Flashing lights are visible to the naked eye. However I viewed these 3 objects that are NOT stars with binoculars to get a clear sighting. YES. Just like everyone stated the flash in multi colors: blue, red, yellow etc

      There are three flashing objects in the sky. Two are in parallel altitude and at a distance equal to the top one which is directly above them in the middle of the two others, but at a higher altitude.

      These three objects literally form a perfect ▲ Triangle!!!!!! Has anyone noticed the position of these and what they form?? I encourage everyone to draw out the positions of the object they see on a paper to see what they form.

      To me, when I finally looked at their location and what they formed it was surprising but, at the same time not surprising.

      • Time to wake up says:

        just wanted to add:

        The time was around 9:40 PM on a clear night.

        I went back out at 10:45 and they were gone.

        These 3 flashing objects which formed a triangle were directly southwest from McDill Air Force Base runway (runway that is southwest/northeast direction).

        I am wondering how far people live from a military base that are seeing these lights. For me McDill to Pass-a-grill Beach is a 20 minute drive. A military base could be located on a public airport = air national guard unit.

        Also, I have experienced vibration humming in my building that lasted for weeks so bad I could not sleep and during the day it would drive me crazy. There is a site “The humming noise around the world” (??) something like that. Defiantly coming from McDill Air Force base same with these flashing lights.

        From the end of 2021 and Jan/Feb 2022 there was a very bright light low in the sky for weeks (NOT a star) same direction as where these three flashing objects were tonight. But this other single light was low in the sky so it was clearly military and not a star.

        Other sightings 2020(not sure about the year??) A row of lights while the sun was setting over Pass-a-grill beach same area as the low bright light and these 3 flashing lights that formed a triangle but lower.

  67. Melissa says:

    I saw the same thing in the sky, but it does seem to move from day to day. I go out an hour later and it disappears when the rest of the stars might have moved 10 degrees. One night it is in the Northeast the next 2 nights it is in the Northwest. It blinks red, white, yellow and blue or green. I also looked with binoculars and it seemed to be saucer shaped. I believe we are being observed.

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