Fleet of White Orbs Captured on Video.

Location of Sighting: South Gate, California
Date of Sighting: January 30, 2017
Time of Sighting: 9:59 AM PST



Description: Daniel captured the spectacular fleet of UFOs in South Gate, California, on January 30, 2017. This batch of UFOs compliments an actual flying saucer he filmed last week. The fleet was captured in his backyard at 9:59 AM with his Nikon P900. Daniel just looked up in the sky and saw a 2 inch cluster array of white orbs. He immediately ran into his house, grabbed his camera and tripod and began to fill this incredible sight. This one is for the history books. Notice how the orbs maintained an equal distance from each other except for one, possibly the commander that moved among them. This one is a sight to behold. Don’t deny or dismiss what is obvious to see.

Note: It is difficult to say what these orbs could be. Perhaps they are birds or balloons. Of course they could be UFO’s?

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  1. Traycez Hackensack NJ says:

    2-8-17: 1 Bright star that was flickering on and off then disappeared in a blink of an eye. You then could see it at a distance as a red dot. Another appeared even brighter, then dimmed out, then slowly started moving higher in the sky and then disappeared. 2-9-17 it’s back very bright hovering in one spot. 8:03 PM

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