Game Warden Sees Football Shaped Object With 6-7 Humanoids.

Location of Sighting: Angelus Oaks, California
Date of Sighting: July, 1975
Time of Sighting: 2:30 AM PDT

Description: At the time of the sighting I was employed as a game warden for the California Fish and Game. This happened in July of 1975. I was on night patrol and traveling on Highway 38 toward Angelus Oaks in a area called Hunters Flat, I observed a light moving along a dirt road, thinking we might have a spotlighter I turned off my lights and pulled over into a parking area and placed my 20 power spotting scope on the driver’s side window. This dirt road turns a corner to the west, but the light continued out over the valley where there is no road, just air. At that time it contacted an craft of some type that lit up. There was a line coming down from the point of the football shaped object that appeared to be the back of the craft. The light I was watching went out and there appeared to be a window on the side of the craft and at that time I observed 6 to 7 people looking out the window. The craft appeared to be 100 yards from me, but with the 20 power scope it was very clear. The subjects appeared to be talking about me as they were all looking out the window in my direction. They were dressed in civilian clothing, not uniforms, and they looked just like us. There were no little green men. As a matter of fact one of the men ( for a better word ) was of African descent. We had eye contact for over 5 minutes. The craft was a copper/bronze in color. There was no noise or sign of propulsion. I observed no exhaust or other protrusions from the craft and there were no insignias or markings. I took no photos and did not call the sighting in. I am not sure if it was from outer space or something our government produced. I should also state that while I observed the craft it did not move. When it started to leave, it looked like it coasted down the canyon at a slow speed and only when it reached the bottom did it accelerate and disappear. This happened on Mill Creek over Mountain Home, a village on Highway 38 in San Bernardino California. This report is as factual as I can make it and is true. I can be contacted by phone at the number I have posted. I also posted this report to another site and was contacted by phone, but they were not interested or didn’t seem to be interested and felt the information was false, but I assure you it is as I observed it and is true.

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2 Responses to Game Warden Sees Football Shaped Object With 6-7 Humanoids.

  1. Joel Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett, Joel here. This is a good, anecdotal report and although there’s no way to discern if this is what actually happened, I choose to give it credibility. I recall there was a report given by a nurse that said that she saw what seemed to be a discoid craft that she saw through one of her patient’s hospital windows, and she said it was close enough to plainly see that there were two occupants and they appeared to be working and/or observing something on a panel that one of the occupants was sitting at. The nurse was shocked at first, then the standing occupant seemed to notice her in the window, he seemed to inform the one sitting in back of the panel who appeared to manipulate something lower on the place he was seated at, and the vehicle began to back away. The nurse called to someone in the hall outside the patient room who came in to see the craft moving away, but couldn’t make out the occupants due to the increasing distance and because it was dark outside the hospital. From what the nurse described of the occupants, they appeared to be humanoid, but even the first witness said that these entities may have be donning some kind of masking material over their upper bodies to include their heads. I saw a report by some people who said that they saw a huge aerial object during daylight where they said they saw at least tens of who appeared to be just people in regular clothes who the witnesses thought they could easily see them, but didn’t seem to be much interested in them. I guess what I trying to say is that witnesses to u.a.p.s do occasionally report human-like occupants, which can’t help, but raise a whole ‘nother class of questions!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. I had another report of human beings seen aboard a hovering flying disk on July 4, 1976 in Washington State.

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