Ghostly White Light Sphere Hovers Over Bed.

Location of Sighting: Taylorsville, Utah
Date of Sighting: 1988

Description: I was living in Taylorsville, Utah. I honest don’t remember the year or day this happened, but I could guess it was 1988. I was 17 years old. I had a girlfriend who was staying at my house for awhile. We had just gotten home. It was nighttime and while walking toward the back door of my house, my friend said that she saw a white ‘ghost’ looking at us from the garden. I didn’t see anything. Then as we walked into the house I locked the back door and had gone downstairs to my room. A loud thud sounded at the back door which woke up my mother. We then settled in to go to sleep. The light was off. My friend told me that a bright light had come into the room through the bedroom window and was slowly weaving around a line of clothes that I had hung up on hangers to dry. I couldn’t see anything. It slowly moved it’s way to the foot of the bed. Still I couldn’t see it until suddenly I did. It was a bright sphere of light, about the size of a basketball. It hovered above the foot of my bed probably 6 feet from the ground. As soon as I was able to see it, I intuitively felt that this light knew that I could see it. I couldn’t believe how fast it moved towards me. I want to say that it left traces of colors as it moved towards me and I remember my friend pulling the covers over her head. When I had surgery soon after I remember losing consciousness from the anesthesia and all of the colors in the room swirled together similar to this. I had the utmost sense of terror as it came towards me in what felt like less than a second. The next thing I knew was I was in outer space, floating. There were bright like objects in the distance all around me. They appeared to be stars, alive and intelligent. I felt no fear and I saw myself floating in the darkness. I looked like at the Milky Way. The object was wispy and translucent, but small like the height I am, floating horizontally. I was not afraid. I was content to just float. There was no time. Then I was back in my body. I managed to jump over my friend who was still laying next to me and turned on the light. She said that I had been unresponsive for about 20 seconds. I was terribly afraid and wondered what had just happened. I will never forget this experience and I have wanted to tell people over the years, but it isn’t something you can easily talk about because it is so strange and somewhat disturbing.

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