Giant Orange Ball, Brightens & Moves Backward.

Location of Sighting: Blaenavon, South Wales
Date of Sighting: July 17, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM Local Time

Description: On Sunday night at 10.45 PM, July 17th, 2016I saw a giant orange ball heading north from the direction of the Blorenge Mountain near Blaenavon, South Wales. As soon as I tried to film it on my phone, it stopped in it’s tracks. Then it started to get brighter and shimmer like the sun. After approximately just under 2 minutes it started to move back in the direction that it came from. It started to enter some clouds and then fade. Then it vanished. It was an incredible sight and judging by the altitude of the thing, it had to be huge. I only got 7 seconds of it on my phone. I don’t usually use that function. This was not Venus, Chinese lanterns, drones, weather inversion, swamp gas or a Helicopter. It blazed like the sun and made no noise. It was a craft of some sort. I will never forget it. This object is usually seen over South Wales. I have never, ever seen one do anything like this.

Note: The witness sent this report via a comments on the report below. (From the “Vike Factor” UFO Blog):

Title: Red Orange Lights In The Sky‏ Over Clydach, South Wales
Date: December 31, 2009
Time: Approx: 10:45 PM

Hi: I saw 5 bright red-orange lights in the sky at approximately 10.45pm 31.12.09 as I left a relatives house (she is a Vicar). My partner also witnessed them and called her Mother to come and witness them. They were in no particular formation. I live in Clydach, South Wales and the lights were heading South West towards Brynmawr. Three of the lights faded into cloud and after about two minutes they had gone. Sadly, I have no photos of the event. I was very interested to find the others had seen a similar event elsewhere.

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  1. John Cappelletti says:

    Did the object look like it was on fire?

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