Giant Orange Light With Starburst Shake.

Location of Sighting: Rockford, Michigan
Date of Sighting: July 8, 2018
Time of Sighting: 10:55 PM EDT

View Clip of Giant Orange Light (Youtube):



Description: I saw a giant orange light that looked like it had a starburst shake. It appeared to the south of me and looked very far away, but again it was very large. It slowly and steadily got closer. Then it quickly, but smoothly appeared to move away. It then became the size of just a regular star, but still kept it’s orange glow. Then within seconds another one that looked identical to the first appeared close to where the first one had been. This second one then did the same thing as the first. I was able to watch the orange glow from it eventhough it was far away and very small at this point. This all lasted about 15 minutes. I have never seen anything like it. I attempted a video, but was freaking out and because it was so far away in the night sky the video doesn’t do it justice. Plus the video was taken as it was getting smaller and not at it’s fullest size.

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