Gigantic Orange Ball of Light Emanating Light Strands.

Location of Sighting: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Sighting: August 7, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM CDT

Description: On August 7 2017 in Chicago at approximately. 10:45 PM I was on the 2nd floor porch with my dog when I saw an orange ball of light traveling from Northeast to Southwest. It had what looked light sustaining strands of light emanating from it. It reminded me of the type of glow you get from a sparkler except it was gigantic. It traveled really slow and quiet. I am not sure of the distance. I watched it for about a minute maybe slightly longer. I saw something similar years ago. BTW my sighting was in Chicago Il. USA. Thanks.

Additional Information Supplied by Witness: The strange thing about this is that it flew straight and in an angle. I am thinking maybe that it was a Chinese lantern, but it was huge and high up. I am going to experiment with one to see how it looks. I can’t be the only one who saw that darn thing.

After my experiment I believe that the object was a Chinese lantern.

Note: Kudos to the witness for conducting her own experiment and explaining the sighting.

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