Gray Cigar Shaped UFO Seen Over New Jersey Turnpike.

Location of Sighting: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Date of Sighting: July 24, 2015
Time of Sighting: 4 PM EDT

Description: I saw a large cigar shaped object. (It may have been a disc as seen in profile. I also saw a single separate smaller orb.) Both were camouflaged as clouds, but noticeably brighter. This was particularly true when viewed through polarized sun glasses. It would occasionally blink and change color to grey and sometimes looked illuminated. The larger object appeared to be very large. I am surprised no one else has reported the sighting. The objects were visible for at least 15 minutes. I would have guessed it was seen by thousands of southbound commuters on the NJ Turnpike.

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2 Responses to Gray Cigar Shaped UFO Seen Over New Jersey Turnpike.

  1. Joel Small. says:

    I want to express my appreciation to the Veteran who submitted this report, as it is given from a person that at a minimum is experienced in aerial observation of day and night-time events, and by default is a better judge of what usually is a normal aerial phenomenon and what may be something out of the norm.

    Most people know that our Country has military laser capacity, so this may well be the source of the ‘beam’ from the ground to whatever was the focus of it’s use. The question presents itself as to what was the beam being aimed at. It could well have been some kind of ground to air laser test/exercise. BUT I know of more than a few reports of aerial objects being ‘chased’ or examined by seeming conventional aircraft, and even some reports of objects being fired upon and seemingly hit, some even near or within visual range of populated areas. I have a good imagination, yet to think that there might be some kind of clandestine ‘cat-and-mouse’ combat with unwanted aerial interlopers, whoever or whatever their source, is about too much for me to believe. But I know of at least one good report I read in my newspaper in or around 1999 of a commercial plane reporting that they were barely missed by what the pilots described as a missile or missile-like object that seemed to come at their plane from the ground while the plane was flying over Pennsylvania. Why anyone would be out in the Pennsylvania woods launching missiles at a passing plane is something for endless speculation, but apparently did happen.

    I could ramble on, but I’ll say thanks again to this person for a more than significant report, and of course to you, Mr. Puckett, for you very tireless effort to get at the truth of what is the “real deal” of the U.A.O. phenomenon!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for sending your comments. One does wonder why the military would be testing laser weapons over populated areas. There is a military operations in the area, but it is off the coast and over the Pacific Ocean. It makes more sense that something “intruded” upon military airspace at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor, WA and the military decided to shoot it down.

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