Gray Gun Metal Cigar Shaped Craft Flies Low.

Location of Sighting: Sebastian, Florida
Date of Sighting: September 30, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM EDT

Description: I left my car at the board walk parking area. I took my flash light as I do at night. I was serching the water and was looking at the fish that were jumping out of the water, hoping to see a shark as I did one time. It was only about 6 feet long. He went right under my light as I held in one place and it was beautiful. I was looking about 200 feet out with my mini flash light. Something caught my eye and was able to made it out as a flying object. I am looking east at this point over the sound. As it got closer as it was still on my left about 30% heading south bound. I put my flash light on it and was waiting to see some sort of reflection, but there was none. I shut my light and observed that it was as long as a 747 passanger plane. It was only traveling 70 to 80 miles per hour, southbound at approximately 300 feet over the water. As I am trying to observe this craft I noticed there was no sound, not a whisper from this craft. This craft was lighter than the night background. It seemed to be like a gray gun metal. I observed this as it made me turn my head to follow it approximately 40% to my right southbound before I lost sight. It was the same dimensions throughout the length. It was approximately 30 to 40 feet from bottom to top, and it was smooth, but I could see an outline what looked like it could be an entrance way. There were no lights on this at all. I was up in bed thinking about this most of the night.

Note: Parts of the report are difficult to follow.

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