Gray Triangular Object Convex Top Rounded Edges.

Location of Sighting: Borrego Springs, California
Date of Sighting: February, 2006
Time of Sighting: 6 PM PST

Description: A man was outside painting a house and saw a light over the desert. It appeared to be rising from the ground. The sun was just setting. The light got closer and the man started feeling electricity in the air. His hair began standing up and the light that he just turned on outside of the garage went out. He had just changed the light bulb. The object grew larger and he saw that it was a grey triangular object with a convex top. The witness also described the color as a dull “aluminum.” As the object approached he noticed that birds flew away and that rabbits were running. The object appeared to be zigzagging and the witness thought that the object was looking for something. It had no windows, but had 3 lights underneath. The object was flying 50 to 100 feet above the ground and approached to within 400 to 500 yards before turning and departing. The witness estimated that the object was about the size of a F16 fighter. There are few houses in the area, but the object flew towards a house to the west of the location of the witness. The witness heard a woman screaming as the object flew over the house to the west. The object then departed and the witness lost sight of it. The entire sighting lasted about 30 minutes. The witness grabbed his cell phone and 45 caliber pistol. He did not fire at the object, but did call his sister during the sighting. He was quite frightened by what he saw. The witness worked in the aerospace industry for 11 years and had also worked in the movie industry.

Note: The witness said that he would send a sketch of the object plus photos of the area. Updates will be posted.

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