Green Flare With Trail Split Into Sphere & Tube, Streaked Away.

Location of Sighting: San Francisco, California
Date of Sighting: Late Spring, 1968
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM PDT

Description: Some time in the late spring of 1968 at about 10:30 p.m., my brother, two friends, and I were playing cards in a place up on a small hill behind our house. I was sitting near the window which looked out over our neighborhood below and the hills in the East Oakland San Francisco Bay Area. The night was calm and clear. We had been playing for a while when something caught my eye outside. It sort of looked like a green flare that was slowly falling yet meandering back and forth as it fell, and it seemed to leave a green trail behind it. I thought it could have been dropped from a plane although I didn’t see one. I watched it for several seconds and brought the others’ attention to it as it neared the ground. We watched it thinking it would land in the pastures to the south of our enclave, but just when we thought it was about to hit the ground, this ‘flare’ suddenly changed direction, moving due North, the ‘tail’ seemed to be sucked into what now had become an IMMENSE bright green sphere. It was a Kelly-green color, and this object was very proportioned and solid looking, the outside circumference was precisely defined, and was at least a hundred yards in diameter. It looked to have an altitude of maybe three hundred feet, but the light from it illuminated the house tops below, and it’s speed seemed to be at least a hundred miles per hour. We were so shocked that we didn’t move as it moved north and finally was going beyond our housing area and heading over the pasture-land north of us. Then the four of us rushed out the door to see where it would go, and on getting outside, we saw the object suddenly head for the ground. To me this was alarming as I actually thought this thing could be some sort of nuclear device that was to be detonated over the Bay Area as in the late 1960’s the United States and the Soviet Union – Russia – were locked in a long, hot, ‘cold war’. We braced ourselves for whatever would happened when this object hit the ground, and then something did happen. Just before it would have hit the ground, this huge object simultaneously change into two separate things; a much smaller sphere that was now moving low and due east, and a long slim tube or cylinder moving due west. Both of these objects looked very solid. The outlines of the ends of the tube were sharp and well-defined as was the smaller sphere. They moved in their directions, then were suddenly just ‘not there’ any more. There was- no flash and no fading out. The four of us ran down to our house, told our family, and called the local Newspaper, the Richmond Independent to report this and to find out if there were any other calls about this, but there hadn’t been, at least not that night. I found out that there had been several reports of what appeared to be ‘green fire balls’ seen over the East Bay Area for some two weeks before our sighting. The next day, one of us four went home and told his family what we’d seen, and his Father, who was the epitome of the no-nonsense blue collar man and avid hunter, sat down and told him that about two weeks hence, he and his wife were relaxing out in their backyard with some friends for a barbecue at about five in the afternoon. It was still quite bright, but there was a low-lying fog band hanging over our area, but the afternoon was calm and cool. His Father and Mother were engaged in ‘shooting the breeze’ with their guests and sitting in their lawn chairs when, his Father said, a gigantic bright green ball of light just shot down through the fog and was heading straight for them! Mr. Phelps did what a man of his caliber would do – he leaped up and laid across Mrs. Phelps for he could only think they were going to be impacted directly. He said that they, the yard, and the whole area turned this bright Kelly green, and then it just disappeared. There was no noise, no heat and it was just gone. It turns out that this happened over the same pasture area that we had seen the last of the object that we saw some two weeks later. So, don’t anybody try to tell me that life is a bore out in suburbia!

Note: If you read the first part of this report you would think that a meteor was sighted. However, meteors don’t change directions and streak away.

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