Gridded Pattern of Red Marks Found on Man’s Back.

Location of Sighting: Kekaha Kauai Hawaii
Date of Sighting: August 30, 2017
Time of Sighting: 7 PM Local Time



Description: I was worried about the red marks that my dad noticed when we are in the living room. He looked at it and wiped with alcohol because he thought it was only a stain from my bed or from my shirt, the alcohol did not remove the marks. What should I do?

Response to Investigator Questions: I live here in the USA in state of Hawaii. We noticed the marks on August 30th, 2017. I don’t have exact time, but my dad noticed it around 7 PM. The night before I got the mark I had two dreams, but I can’t remember them. I was really tired after work and fell asleep around 5 PM naked. I woke up and went into the living room with my parents and I was so hungry and lazy. After I ate my dinner I was sitting in the living room and my dad noticed something on my back. I told him maybe it was just dirt or something that I got from sleeping. After a few minutes he asked me again to look what’s on my back. I told him maybe it’s dirt or dried paint that I got from leaning on the wall. Ugh I was so irritated at my dad when he kept telling me about it so i went inside the bathroom and saw this red mark in my back. I took the alcohol and cotton to try to wipe it out, but I couldn’t get it out. I gave the alcohol to my dad and he couldn’t get it out. My mom told me maybe I got it from my bed when I was sleeping and it was just a regular mark that will go away in a few seconds or a minute. A few minutes later the mark was still there. I know that it’s not a regular mark because it should be fading already. I gave my mom an ice cube and she rubbed it on my back and told said maybe it’s a blood spot. There is too much stuff running in my brain. Ice, alcohol, water couldn’t remove the mark and I have no symptoms. I have any bumps and it’s not itchy. Because I’m getting stressed thinking about where I got the red mark, I researched and saw a lot of articles and pictures of similar patterns of dots that I have. If you have more questions i am willing to answer you.

Second Response to Investigator Questions: I live in Kekaha Kauai Hawaii, I remembered the night before that missiles were launced at around 1 AM. I am not sure of the exact time. I live close by to the base area.

Note: I have received several reports of similar “red marks in grid pattern” in the last year few years. The cause of these marks has not yet been determined. The witness later reported that the grid mark pattern disappeared after 3 days. He still does not know what caused the affliction.

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39 Responses to Gridded Pattern of Red Marks Found on Man’s Back.

  1. Tyson B. says:

    I woke up about 15 years ago laying in a soft bed and my wife noticed these marks in the center of my back. We searched around the house as to what could of made those marks. We assumed I could of sleep walked, but that was untrue. There was nothing in the house or outside that could of made those markings. I do also want to state as a boy I would be visited by many black dark figures that would stand around my bed when I lived out in the country. My brother woke up and witnessed about 5 or more around my bed. I would have memories of bright colors in the sky. Now that I am an adult with children. My wife has woken up to one standing near our bed looking at my son and then it vanished. What is going on? That happened in Woodland, CA.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. Most people who have markings don’t recall anything unusual. It is interesting that you and your family have had unusual experiences.

  2. Jim D. says:

    While I was shaving the hair on the back of my neck, I noticed in the mirror that I had two red grid marks on my back. (I had one patch on each side.) I had my wife look at it and she said they are not raised and I feel no pain or itching from them. They have appeared from time to time through the years, but I didn’t give them much thought. I work maintenance in the mining industry and I get all kinds of marks and bruises. I figured that I must have leaned hard against the diamond shaped mesh guarding that is around most of our equipment. It puzzled me when I saw it this morning because I have done no such maintenance for some time. I googled (Pattern of red dots on skin) and the images that most resemble mine look exactly like the ones that led me to this site and other sites that I would normally not pay any attention to. I don’t understand how I got these marks.

  3. Charity says:

    My dad would get these same markings on his back off and on over time when I was a kid. They would fade away after a short time, then come back again. My mom would experience visitations, but my dad never remembered. He stopped getting the markings once he hit old age. So this was back in the 80’s and early 90’s. My mom recently told me she saw them on my back too once when I was a teenager, but never told me because she didn’t want to frighten me. My dad said he would watch UFO’S in a field by his house when he was a kid. Once, one even followed him. He also remembered missing time once when he was a kid (1950’s).

  4. Justin U says:

    I have these markings. I got them overnight. I have had the coronavirus and the doctors said it could cause a rash, but this doesn’t look or feel like a rash. It feels like normal skin, almost like a stamp.

  5. Jackson S. says:

    Whoa! I thought this was just me. I have never met someone else who gets this. I am Male 16 years old from Northern Utah, US. They look identical, but are on the middle up right. They come back once a month or so for a few days.

  6. J.J. says:

    I live in South Texas and noticed a similar grid pattern on my back a couple days ago. There was no burning sensation or raised skin. I thought maybe I leaned against something that might have caused indention’s, but nothing comes to mind. It sure is weird/interesting though.

  7. Sanetra says:

    I just noticed these marks on my boyfriend back in the shower tonight. This is crazy. I wonder what is making everyone react like this? I got video and pictures. But we have been together everyday because it’s 2020 and we’re all on lockdown because of the Coronavirus and we don’t remember no aliens. We believe they are out there and used to joke about him getting abducted when he worked for the post office becasue he would loose time while walking his routs. So this is all very interesting.

  8. Charly says:

    I never seen aliens ha ha, but I have the same patterns on my back. It faded and came back. I live in Alice Springs, Australia. This happened in October, 2019 and
    March, 2010.

    • Jodie says:

      My son has marks on his back. I wasn’t sure if it was a pattern from his gaming chair or stretch marks maybe. He is 15 and in the middle of a growth spurt! He has had them for about a month.

  9. MJ says:

    My son yesterday woke up with 7 red dots on face (cheek) and today he has 2 more. Do you have any ideas? They are aligned in a perfect pattern.

  10. MW says:

    What the heck. I woke up with these diamond shaped red marks on my back side a couple days ago and have had a terrible headache ever since. What is going on?

    • Administrator says:

      I wish that I knew. Keep me posted.

    • LO says:

      I have the same diamond shaped marks on my upper back. They are 9 diamond shaped red marks that are collectively shaped like a diamond. Please someone respond. I am growing anxious not knowing anything. There is no pain or itching associated and like the rest of you someone else noticed not myself.

  11. Jaina says:

    My boyfriend noticed these marks on my cheek yesterday (Nov 23, 2019). They have the same “hickey” type appearance and are slightly irregular. I had a headache for most of yesterday and have been experiencing weird vivid dreams for the past couple of days.

  12. Jay says:

    I received the red grid mark last week, while in Tenerife. It’s been six or seven days since it was first noticed and it’s almost faded. I have no itchiness, no soreness, no texture to speak of. Looks like little hickeys in a square or diamond shape depending on point of view. I have had lots of experiences with unexplained phenomena, both in the sky and in my room. I am normally based in the U.K. (Scotland). I was raised in England and 31 years old.

  13. Kevin C. says:

    I noticed these same marks today Oct. 29, 2019. I can not explain how they got there. I have also had two “bites” on my back as well in the last month. I thought they were maybe spider bites, but now with these new marks on my back, I am not so sure. I am curious if this has happened to anyone else.

  14. Daz says:

    I awoke this morning to the same marks, perfect pattern, very precise. I have no idea how they got there, but I have had weird dreams since a boy. I am now 50.
    I live in the Southwest UK.

  15. Morrigan P. says:

    Hello all! My girlfriend and I found this same pattern on my back around September 16, 2019. We found a similar pattern back in the summer of 2017, but I dismissed it then as being sunburn from the walls of the public bus stop. However, I haven’t ridden the bus for over 2 years now. I have nothing UFO related to report, but we always joke that my dreams can “see the future.” It is a definitely a mystery. I can’t wait to see what these mean!

    • Administrator says:

      Let me know if you figure out where the marks came from. Thanks for your comments.

      • Sal says:

        I had the same thing on my back almost 3 years ago in December of 2016. My wife told me about it. We were on vacation in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. I was very curious what it was and how it got there. I didn’t recall any weird dreams or unusual sleep. However for years, every so often, I get a purplish or reddish line or mark on my upper chest, by armpit, shoulder, or occasionally my back. Sometimes it looks like 2 or 3 lines, resembling a scratch or claw mark. The red grid mark disappeared in a few days. It was never sore or scarring on my back or anything. I took a photo of it at the time. I searched online and discovered many people have received similar red grid marks around the world, but no one seems to know exactly how they get there or what they are. To this day (September 21, 2019) I still search the internet for clues to this strange phenomenon.

        • Administrator says:

          Thanks for sending your report. As of yet, I have not been able to explain any reports that I have received of these strange red marks. Many people have reported these markings to me in the past few years. Most have not recalled any strange experiences.

          • Sal says:

            This morning (Wednesday April 8, 2020) I awoke to my son telling me I had a ‘Dorito’ looking red mark on my back. I immediately had him take a few pictures with my iPhone. I don’t recall any scary or odd dreams although I did feel tired and have felt fatigued all day. Also my back and the area near my left shoulder blade has been sore today. I did go to bed late. I slept approximately 6 hours.

  16. Ashley K says:

    My son has them, but it’s shaped like a triangle. I wish I could post a picture on here.

  17. sister girl says:

    My son has these same marks and he is only 8.

  18. Zachary Mitchell says:

    I have the same marks.

  19. Michael Faiman says:

    Yes, for the last several days this pattern has also been on my back. It’s so strange. My wife had taken a picture of it with my phone. For some strange reason my phone has been displaying the picture on it’s own. I knew God was trying to tell me something. I am curious to know what I have in common with other people who experience the same. I am a Christian and with all my heart and soul and mind believe we’re living in the day’s mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

    • Silver Star says:

      I feel you have a loving God. It trips me out too because I just woke up today with these marks on my right shoulder blade. I felt super super tired before bed. I thought it was because of champagne. I normally am a night owl. It was odd for me to sleep around 930 PM! Honestly, I feel super sleepy right now. I am not sure what to expect tonight. I have seen some stuff out there though and I’m scaring myself now.

  20. Eric W Hansen says:

    After seeing craft on 2 seperate occasions on the Eastside doing surveillance using red beams, this is no suprise.

  21. Gail E says:

    I woke up with evenly spaced grid marks on my skin. From the research I have done, I have seen several other people who have the same marks. I wish I knew what they were.

  22. Advproo says:

    I have experienced a UFO and was left with a mark of dots on my back for several days in March, 2017.

    • Rach H. says:

      My son had grid marks left on his back in March of ’17 as well. It was in the shape of a honeycomb, and it was like a bunch of hexagonal hickeys.

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