Helicopters Escort 30 Zigzagging Red Orbs.

Location of Sighting: Lakewood, Washington
Date of Sighting: April 2, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM PDT

Description: Last night (4/2/17) around 8:30 PM PDT, my wife and I witnessed roughly around 30 red orbs flying out of McChord Air Force Base in Lakewood, Washington. What we found so strange about what we were seeing, were the helicopters escorting them. These orbs made no sound when they flew by. These weren’t lanterns or drones. They were moving too fast and pulling zigzags unlike any current known plane. We chose to get a closer look by going on base and traveling to the runway. The runway was lit up like no other and at one point became completely dark like if though they were trying to hide something. Last night was strange and eerie.

Note: The witness stated that his sighting was similar to the sighting in Blaine, Washington of 12 flashing red lights that changed formation.

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One Response to Helicopters Escort 30 Zigzagging Red Orbs.

  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    These orbs may be something the military is experimenting with. What they are using them for is anybodies guess. Or they may be alien, but to be coming from a military base. Looks strange in deed. I doubt ifwe will ever know.

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