Helicopters Over Loring Air Force Base, Maine Were UFO’s.

Location of Sighting: Loring Air Force Base (Limestone, Maine)
Date of Sighting: January 27, 1976
Time of Sighting: 11 PM EST

Description: Hi William,
It’s not so much what I saw, but I was there and can attest to the strangeness of what happened.I also know of a date that I can prove, that I have not seen as related in the past. The night of 27th January, 1976.

I was a spouse. I lived off base in Capehart housing, Caribou, Maine. My husband was in personnel. It was fairly unusual to live off base, but I hated the on-base housing.

I know USAF procedures very well. I worked for USAF in Wiesbaden, Germany. In personnel, and in the supply squadron. Working exclusively with UIFs (Unfavourable Information Files) in personnel. I knew of antics on the flight line and what was expected in the Vietnam era with speedy readiness. My husband also was called upon to suit-up for nuclear detection – through which, I believe, he developed agoraphobia (panic attacks).
I was noted for my work with UIFs – even having the Pentagon phone me through USAF General to find out how I was getting into their new intercontinental computer program – as no one else USAF-wide, could. 6 months after it had been online. Being Australian, I had only 3rd-party clearance. So I was below Americans, and below ‘first nationals’ (Germans), I was below that.

I transferred to the supply squadron. I worked with manuals of all air vehicles, identifying components, and cataloging them, even naming some of them. I know the craft, and also missiles. I wasn’t supposed to. But I had a greater understanding of this than anyone there and I was the only one doing the key-punching input work that kept track of all components. I even ended up re-writing 10 bad USAF manuals down in to one more concise volume. I received recognition from far up the chain of command. (I also later worked in Alcatel components, because of my knowledge of MIL-SPEC and other parts.

We drove up east Coast from Atlanta, GA, probably mid to late September, 1975. The autumn leaves in New England were incredible. And at the time, I did not understand the reason for wood ‘tepees’ over shrubs, nor long flags on fire hydrants (snow). Long enough to settle in and gain some social friends.

I first knew of the ‘disturbances’ on base, when my husband, who was rather forgetful, had trouble getting on to the base, and had to come home to get his pass before being allowed on base, despite being in full uniform. Knowing it was a SAC (Strategic Air Command) base (and the most vital at the time, we were told, because of the closest proximity to Russia – cold war time) I was always surprised that mostly you could come and go on base without checking too much at all.

At that time we gained some friends (USAF) – a married couple, who also lived off-base, but can’t remember where. It was a private house I think. We would go play cards. the discussion turned to the subject of the air base being ‘buzzed’ by Russian helicopters, that were coming across the Canadian border. Immediately I thought ‘absurd’. I remember asking how did they know they were helicopters. How did they know they were Russian.
Why couldn’t they catch them when the flight line was so vital and so ‘ready’. And why helicopters was plural.

In regard to being helicopters, I seem to remember that they were ‘hovering’. No other craft could do that at the low altitudes. (I seem to remember talk of a downward light – yellow/orange.) I got no answer on the Russian,  but was told they definitely were. But I couldn’t imagine Canada allowing that, or letting them get away. I got no answer on the flight line – only that by the time they scrambled supposedly they had gone across the border – NO! I wouldn’t happen that way. The answer was to hear helicopters in plural I seem to remember 3 – it wasn’t like there were 20 of them. I can’t remember talk of someone seeing them, but did see something in a newspaper at the time. And was surprised, as I thought the story was ‘bunk’ as our friends cheated at cards we played, and we ended up unfriending.

I also worked for Oscar Nelder (Voscar). He recently died at age 90. He would do a lot of photography for BIG print newspapers and magazines – National Geographic, Time, Boston Globe. I was just him and me. I remember sending photos ‘down east’ on a drum fax – as that was all that was available at the time. I think we spoke of it as he had lots of contacts with all news outlets, both in the area and USA-wide. There was just talk about it being ‘weird’ and know that I would have said, it just can’t be ‘Russians in helicopters’ buzzing the base, and getting away across the Canadian border.

The talk died down.

On the night of January 27th, 1976 we had gone to a movie in Caribou – an Australian movie on motorcycle racers, of all things! We got home very late in the evening. It was a week night. Snow was a constant on the ground. Temperatures were around -30F daytime, usually – and -70’s with wind-chill. The snow was 160 inches  on the ground and that night was a snow storm (27 inches) which was really quite heavy. And this is important – time of night, AND the severe snow storm in process.  I went in to labor. I was overdue in my pregnancy, and the hospital was on base. After phone calls to the hospital to determine that I was indeed in labor, we packed to head on base. It was difficult in the snow storm.

We got to the base and they would not let me on even though my husband had his pass, I had somehow forgotten or mislaid mine. Usually they would let me on, even if not in labor. Remember it’s very late – 11 PM or so. There was a snow storm and the base was on full alert! This is unheard of. Especially given timing. It was definitely not a drill. I asked the guard, even though I was distressed “Is it the Russian helicopters again?” To which the guard replied ‘yes’. I said, well obviously I don’t have anything to do with helicopters! So he went to the phone. I’d been in the hospital in false labor just a couple of days before.
He ended up waving me on base.

I would recount the strange story of the Russian helicopters, and felt so strange telling my story, I stopped. But I knew something was ‘up’, and much BS around whatever was happening.

Other ladies had given birth recently in the snow storms and actually had to climb out 2nd story windows onto snow mobiles to get to hospital, so you can see how bad snow/conditions were – there would have been NO drill, only a valid top full-base alert!

It wasn’t until 2014. My partner was keen on SciFi watching TV in southern Oregon. I was on my computer – TV on an ‘alien’ program and my ears pricked up hearing ‘Loring AFB’. My jaw dropped. I hadn’t even considered UFOs (definitely not a thing I would have even thought of!). And it all ‘made sense’.

The BS story we were all given was just SO much BS. I think we all knew that. But couldn’t think of an alternative (UFOs not at the top of thoughts on this at all, at the time!).

Anyway – related story or unrelated? You decide. I certainly can attest to the weirdness of it all. The newspapers didn’t seem to deny at all that there WERE ‘Russian helicopters buzzing the base’. I was just totally weird. If it were Russians at all, USA was in HUGE peril – if we couldn’t ‘stop’ them, then no one could.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Oh, what made it so very strange was that the helicopters were described as actually ‘buzzing’ on the flight line – between/but above the buildings there. Which made it all the stranger.

Oh, we left Loring AFB April, 1976. My husband got an ‘early out’ winter in Maine was major factor. We drove down to Atlanta. Just after my son was born our water supply at Capehart got contaminated some how. I had to go on base to bathe myself and son, and wash dishes and such. I thought that was weird, too. Had lots of officers come to our housing to check our water. We were told that sewage had frozen and overflowed into drinking water wells. I’m sure this winter was no more than past ones?

Note: Loring AFB closed in 1994.  As stated by the witness the base was part of SAC.  The story of Russian helicopters coming from Canada is absurd. Obviously something else (UFO activity) was going on.

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