Holloman AFB Records Show F16’s in UFO Sighting Area.



Description: Update – Dec 5, 2015: We have received a response to our FOIA to Holloman AFB inquiring about aircraft that were in the air at the time of the above sighting. Although the request was heavily redacted we have determined that 12 F16 aircraft were in the air at the time of the witness sighting. The radar times agree with the FOIA response when the aircraft landed. Some of the aircraft were in the air for nearly 90 minutes. Although I don’t know the purpose of the mission (redacted), I can surmise that the aircraft radar returns in the sighting area were from Holloman AFB. The document showing the F16 can be viewed below. The document above shows F16 take off and landing times of F16 aircraft out of Holloman AFB. Pertinent aircraft are highlighted in yellow. Further investigation indicated that the same number of sorties were dispensed about 24 hours later for similar time periods. However, it is not known where these were sent.

Note: UFOs Northwest wishes to thank Holloman AFB for their response to our FOIA request.

Click here to view complete sighting report with radar analysis.

Click here to view the FOIA release letter (PDF).

Click here to view the redact codes (PDF).

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