Holographic Black Rectangle Moves Across Sky at 40 MPH.

Location of Sighting: Pearl River, New York
Date of Sighting: June 1, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4 PM EDT

Description: Only 100 feet above I saw a black rectangle with angles of 120 80 80 70 degrees move across the sky at a steady 40 mph. It had no visible motors and made no sound. It was slightly larger than a drone and did not appear capable of holding pilot. It was visible for 40 seconds. Another person noticed it as it disappeared on the horizon.  I ‘felt’ like it was spying. It’s surface almost looked holographic rather than solid. It was very strange. I cannot explain it. I became paranoid. I am being watched.

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3 Responses to Holographic Black Rectangle Moves Across Sky at 40 MPH.

  1. Trent M. says:

    Hey, I just saw something in the night sky similar to what you saw, roughly around 12:30 AM as of this night. I’m an RPI student and was relaxing on the side of a hill when a large black and almost rectangular object moved across the sky. It also had a couple dull lights on it’s edges and was really fast. The only difference was that it was way faster than 40 MPH. Like this ship was faster than a jet and crossed half my peripheral vision (when I started to see it) in a mere four to six seconds.

  2. Joel Small Small says:

    Greetings Mr. Puckett! This report describing an ‘object’ with rectangular proportions, but elicited an almost disbelievable description that this object seemed to have a rather unreal or a “holographic” appearance to it is not so unusual as it would seem. I recall a sighting submitted by a High-School Physics teacher who said she sighted a wedge or triangular shaped object in the sky near her home, and stated that even as unusual and silent as this object was, it seemed to have a two-dimensional appearance to it, like perhaps she was seeing some kind of ‘projection’, and yet it looked quite solid! My thanks to this person for submitting the report as there was a time when many would quickly disregard it a a sort of hallucination, etc.!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Joel: Thanks for your comments. This was a strange object because the object wasn’t a perfect rectangle as no 2 sides were the same length.

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