Hovering Craft Acts Like it Was Scanning or Mapping.

Location of Sighting: Forks, Washington
Date of Sighting: June 15, 2019
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PDT


Description: I had a nice look at a hovering aircraft as if it were mapping or scanning. It was a large sphere with a myriad of colors. I saw it in the Kalaloch Lodge area (coastal) in Forks, WA, Jefferson County on 6-15-19 at approximately 11 PM. I have video, but it just shows a dot and blinking lights that are mainly white with some red.

This was cool as usual and I would guess that this is a high speed retreat. This was real and it sensed me as if I startled it. I got a very good look at vessel.

More Comments From Witness: Thanks for looking at the video. I thought you all would want to see it in case of other sightings. I will stand by my story of seeing this ship. It was good timing. It could have not been more obvious. It was as if I was looking at a blimp or helicopter with binoculars. This would be considered a very credible sighting of a flying machine not from earth. oh yeah. It must of been some sort of drone like device with supersonic speed.

Note: The video doesn’t reveal much detail. The zoomed in frames do reveal a faint red spherical object. One of these frames was extracted. (See still image above.)

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3 Responses to Hovering Craft Acts Like it Was Scanning or Mapping.

  1. Kaye says:

    I’m pretty sure no one will pay attention to this comment, but I’ll tell it anyway. One Sunday afternoon in Burlington, TN (near Knoxville) my little sister and I saw something. It had been raining and I was bored. I was able to convince my mother to let us go outside to play. We were playing with acorns in the front yard. There were tall trees growing around and over us, but a “plane” came down, between the trees and above my sister. It hovered there. It was about the size of a compact car or maybe a little larger with swept back wings. Today I would say it looked somewhat like a stealth jet, but it was about 1950. I had never been in an airplane so didn’t have any experience with planes. It didn’t have a cockpit. It had dark windows, but you couldn’t see into them. It was way too big to be a toy or a kit airplane. After a few minutes, it curved around and flew away. It was loud and we ran in to tell everyone. No one listened. If there had not been the two of us, I would have believed I dreamed it. But we both remember the incident and will until we die. I can’t imagine what it was or why it hovered over two little girls. I was about 8 and my sister was 6 or so.

    • Administrator says:


      It sounds like a believable story to me. I have had other reports from witnesses who were very young at the time of their sighting.

  2. Steve S. says:

    Last night I sighted was was obviously A military type of training exercise over the Little Spokane River and surrounding area out at Rutter Parkway. At least 3 were over my area and they had strobe lights that kept you from being able to zoom in on the exact machine and craft used. It looked just like the aircraft type of hover craft and jet capable, also capable of complete silence/Stealth mode. It absolutely freaked me out to begin with because it looked like something in a SIFI movie, but the reality is that it was a military experiment or training. If you have any other sightings I would like to know?

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