Hovering Lights Vary Formation & Numbers – Arizona.

Location of Sighting: Gilbert, Arizona
Date of Sighting: March 7, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8:12 PM MST

View Clip of One of Videos (YouTube):

Enlarged Still Image of Lights.

Enlarged Still Image of Lights.

Description: I’m from Gilbert Arizona and I was going out for my birthday when I stopped at the gas station to get stuff and I look over and these lights were in the sky. I thought it was a airplane until they kept popping up and then they where there for awhile. So then I jump on my phone and started videoing it. I don’t know what they were. What do you think? The airport wasn’t over that way where the lights were in the sky. I got a longer video, but I can’t send it because it is too long.

Note: The brightness of the video was adjusted to see if the lights were anchored to any structure. It does not appear that the lights were anchored to anything. The lights were stationary, but changed in number and formation.

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One Response to Hovering Lights Vary Formation & Numbers – Arizona.

  1. Westcoaster says:

    Looks like these lights are very low, about 100 feet and seem to be stationary which might rule out Japanese lanterns. And if you watch carefully, you’ll see hazard strobes from aircraft, maybe helicopters coming to investigate. I my opinion this is a good one.

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