Hovering Military-Like Plane Pivots, Turns, Flies Slowly.

Location of Sighting: About 20 Miles South of Seattle, Washington
Date of Sighting: November 29, 2016
Time of Sighting: About 1 PM PST

Description: A man was traveling northbound on Interstate-5 in the left most lane about 20 miles south of Seattle, WA. He noticed a “dull gray” aircraft hovering about 150 feet off of the ground. He first thought that the craft was a helicopter, but when he got closer he saw no blades. He rolled down his window and heard no sound. He stated that traffic was heavy at the time. He said that the craft resembled a military jet, but it had a “rounded” nose and an antenna type apparatus protruded at a 45 degree angle from the rear of the craft. There was no visible effluent or exhaust propelling the craft. Skies were clear and winds were light at the time of the sighting. As he continued to drive the craft was right beside him at an estimated distance of 250 feet. He lost sight of the craft as he continued to drive north. He saw the craft for awhile in his rear view mirror, but lost it as he continued driving. He couldn’t pull over and take a photo as he was in the left most lane in very heavy traffic.

Note: The sighting occurred near two military bases (McChord Air Fore Base and Fort Lewis). However, the area of the sighting is outside of military operations areas. Also Boeing Aerospace has research facilities and assembly plants near the area of the sighting. Perhaps Boeing was testing a secret aircraft, but one wonders why they would this would be in the middle of the day over a heavily traveled freeway? The witness felt that the craft could be an “anti-gravity” device. The witness said that he read a report of a similar type craft sighted in Pennsylvania in 2009.

The only known jet aircraft that can hover is the F35 Joint Strike fighter, but this craft would make a lot of noise. The craft did not resemble a fighter aircraft according to the witness. Also the DARPA radar blimp can hover, but it is triangular shaped and wouldn’t be gray in color.

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