Hovering Object Multiple Lights on Bottom. 2nd Craft Briefly Seen.

Location of Sighting: Portage Indiana
Date of Sighting: July 17, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM CDT

Description:  I had just turned out the lights and opened the blinds on my bedroom window when I noticed what I thought was a large radio controlled camera drone hovering over a wooded area across the Prairie Duneland Bike Trail from my house. It had multiple lights on the bottom of it, but I could not see what was on top of the lights because It was a dark and moon less night. However, since I have four smaller camera Drones, with similar looking lights on the underside, assumed this was some one’s big expensive new R/C Drone so I was very interested to see what some one was going to do with it. I don’t know how long it had been back there before I noticed it , but after watching it for over an hour with no movement whatsoever I began to suspect this was something odd. I know of no drones with that long of flight time and I can’t see the structure above the lights. So, around 01:15 AM I called 9-11 to report unusual activity in the area and I asked if any one else had reported this, and I was told that there had recently been couple calls about this. He said they were sending an officer out to check on the matter. Shortly after my call a second Air Craft suddenly appeared flying from the SE to NW. I only saw it for maybe 2 seconds before it flew out of my field of view. This one’s lights appeared brighter and I think I saw the reflection of a large silver ring above the lights as it flew past just above the tree line maybe 200 yards away. I never saw the second one again, probably because I got sleepy watching the first one floating peacefully in the sky and the usual Chicago bound jets flying high over head with their landing lights on. I dozed off until 03:15 AM when I had to go to another window to see that the first UFO had drifted West almost out of my field of view. It had been so stable that I began to wonder if the earth’s rotation to the east had caused the free floating UFO to move West over the surface of the earth in a gravity defying low altitude stationary orbit. It was only about 150 yards out and maybe 300 feet up when I first saw it and I wish I had gotten dressed and gone out for a closer look, but I kept expecting it to fly off at any minute. Now I’ll always wonder what I could have seen if I had gone out for a closer look. I had to record this event because as time goes on it’s going to seem more unreal and more like a crazy dream.

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