Plane Releases a “Transparent” Orange Orb in the Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Stockport, England
Date of Sighting: January 1, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12 AM Local Time

Description: This is what I saw in Stockport, England. On New Years Eve at 12 AM I was looking at the moon and the fireworks out of my second floor apartment when I saw a UFO hovering right next to the moon. It hovered all the way through the big Ben count down on BBC 1. It then released a big orange, but transparent orb. Then the thing I thought was a UFO left the spot and flew right above my head over the apartments and when I looked up it was a plane. I am still confussed to this day how a plane managed to hover for such a length of time. It was definitely a plane that released the orb. Then as the orb fell to the ground it disappeared. I have never been so freaked out. So many people must of seen this as it was bang on 12 AM as the fireworks went off. Luckily I was near the country side and it was dark. There were not many fireworks. What annoyed me more is I took a picture of the moon seconds before as it looked so beautiful. And I didn’t record or take a picture of the plane and orb as I was too excited and freaked out whilst trying to fit my telescope together. I wish I knew what it was. But a plane definitely dropped that orb from somewhere on that plane.

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