Hovering Super Bright Orange Orb Fades, Disappears.

Location of Sighting: Wheatland, Missouri
Date of Sighting: July 16, 2018
Time of sighting: 10:15 PM CDT

Description: My mom and I were sitting outside at our lake house (at Pomme de Terre Lake) when we suddenly saw a large orange orb in the sky. At first I thought it was a firework, maybe one of those sky lanterns because of the color, but it was far too big and too far away to be one. It definitely wasn’t a plane, or helicopter. It wasn’t blinking or moving, and therefore couldn’t have been a meteor or shooting star either. She pointed it out to me, and it was super bright. It seems like as soon as we both noticed it and watched it for just a couple of seconds it faded and disappeared, but didn’t move vertically or horizontally. We visited this website the next morning and were surprised to see many reports of similar activity in recent weeks. We did not have time to take a picture, but what we saw looked very similar to the picture included in the recent reported sighting in Mount Airy, GA which occurred on the same night.

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