Huge Dark Brown-Orange Spherical Ship With 3 Oval Shapes.

Location of Sighting: Gainesville, Missouri
Date of Sighting: May 28, 2013
Time of Sighting: 11:50 PM CDT

Description: It was May 28th 2013 and I was on my way back to Bull Shoals Arkansas. At 11:50 PM on Highway 5 about 2 to 5 miles south of Gainesville, MO I saw a huge spherical ship dark brownish orange in color with 3 oval shapes. The left side of the sphere was tan in color,  right side of sphere had 2 vertical ovals one on top of the other with distance between. The 2 ovals on the right were solid white intense lights. It flashed 3 times before I was able to pass, as they faded out I saw a black honeycomb center of each oval , treetop level almost over the road so I got a close view. At first I was stunned and amazed, but then overwhelming fear set in and I floored it to Arkansas border! The lights were opaque almost blinding and not like a spot light or flood light.

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