Huge Ferris Wheel Object Going Round & Round in Sky.

Location of Sighting: On Highway 99, Stockton, California
Date of Sighting: 1998
Time of Sighting: 7 PM Pacific

Description: It was about 7 PM in the year about 1998. My husband a military man in the Air Force was driving us home from Modesto CA to Lodi Ca on Highway 99 going north, just near Stockton, CA. From the west side of the freeway, a huge quiet flying object looked like a huge Ferris wheel going around and around.  As we were driving I looked out the back car window, and it just flew up the freeway going south. I looked in the paper the next morning to see if anyone saw it, and no reports where there. I know anyone on that freeway should have seen it.  I have looked for years, and this article is the first to report anything similar to what I saw.  At first I thought it was a carnival ride, but then they don’t fly.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett! About the sighting of the large ‘Ferris Wheel’ aerial object between Modesto and Lodi, California: I’ve read of at least two other sighting reports describing what was seen was like looking at a Ferris wheel flying, and on report was about a person seeing what looked to be a Ferris wheel that fell over, but it was seen on the side of a hill and was seemingly on fire but it’s lights were still working, and the person who drove by it was told to leave the area! I pretty much thought that this type of report was surely some mis-interpretation of something more mundane or just made up, but with this excellent report, I now think these people did indeed see some type of aerial craft! Thanks for showing it!

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