Huge Silent Translucent V-Shaped Object.

Location of Sighting: Near Sarasota, Florida
Date of Sighting: September, 2018
Time of Sighting: 5:30 AM EDT

Description: I had a sighting in September of 2018. A huge translucent V-shaped object appeared as I was walking my dog at about 5:30 in the morning. I am on the Gulf side of Florida, about 40 miles south of Tampa. There is a main road about 500 feet away and sometimes lights will shine onto my road from there, but there was little traffic at that time. In the time it took me to verify that there were no lights reflecting from the main road. The object passed over my head and was gone. The craft was very large and totally silent. It seemed to be moving fairly slowly and fairly low over my head, but I couldn’t really tell in the short time I saw it, and the silence was disorienting. I typically would use the sound to determine how close something like this might be, but the lack of sound made that impossible. Glad to see that others have experienced similar occurrences and that I am in fact, not crazy!

Note: The witness is referring to another similar sighting of a V shaped transparent object in Bakersfield, CA on September 7, 2017.

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2 Responses to Huge Silent Translucent V-Shaped Object.

  1. Brian LeBlanc says:

    The sky sky was clear enough that I could see stars and even 2 planes higher in the sky. I also saw a hawk or owl fly by moments before so I had a good reference point of looking. I was at a school tossing Frisbee with my dog. Then I see this triangle or more like a “V” overhead around 200 to 300 feet in the air. It was very faint at first. It almost had no lights or faint lights on the 2 parts of the “V” at first. I was like am I seeing something< What is that? I watched it for a good 20 more seconds pass strait over the school. It move very fast and made no noise, but my eyes could clearly see this triangle, "V" shaped object zoom over my head. Again I could see two planes at this time higher in the sky and saw a bird clearly visible. This object was faint almost like a ghost, but was clearly there as I watched it pass over. I can't explain it. I had ans eerie feeling.

    • Art B. says:

      I saw the same thing this morning. About 5 AM near Jacksonville NC. I couldn’t look directly at it, but looked just off to the side I could see 5 lights in a V formation going west to east. As it got behind the trees to my east there was a flash like a flashbulb blinding me and leaving those spots in my eyes for several minutes.

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