Huge Slow Flying Object Seen With Blinking Lights.

Location of Sighting: Bethlehem, Connecticut
Date of Sighting: July 27, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EDT

Description: I was heading out to get gas and I noticed a large object out of the corner of my eye. It had a red blinking light on the left and a white light on the right. It was a huge sized aircraft and was traveling at a slow speed so slow that I knew it wasn’t an average plane. I was so intrigued that I followed it. I pulled over many times and shut the car off to see if I could hear an engine sound. There was no sound at all. It was flying horizontal and the lights were blinking left to right. As I continued to follow it all of a sudden it started flying vertical with lights facing straight down and up. I am clueless to what this could of been, but I have ruled out a normal plane or helicopter due to the silence!

Response of Witness to Investigation Questions: The shape was hard to tell. It seemed like it was round with possible wings. The left light was green and the right light was red. There was also a white light on it that I noticed once it went vertical. The next day I was at a deli and there was also a gentlemen talking about it. It went over bantam lake where he lives. He said there was no noise at all as well.

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