Huge Strange Light Stationary Position.

Location of Sighting: Norwich, New York
Date of Sighting: December 27, 2018
Time of Sighting: 5:45 AM EST

Description: I saw an object shaped like a huge planet in a stationary position on my drive to drop off my boyfriend to work. I commented to him to look at that huge strange light. Is it a planet or a satellite? I drove home and it was still not moving in the sky. So I got home and parked and was going to go get my camera, but the huge light started to move across the sky, not fast, but steady. I could not take my eyes off until it was out of sight. It was a large light with nothing blinking on it, a yellow white light. I am hearing impaired so what I thought I heard was a humming faintly, but I cannot be too sure. I turned up my hearing aids to the highest setting to hear it. As it traveled it looked like a shape of a star burst. It freaked me out a little, but enough that I locked my doors at the house. I am still puzzled what it was. It was not any airplane.

Note: I believe that the witness saw the planet Venus.

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